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The Gamer’s Edge Revisited


Traditional multiplayer games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft and World of Warcraft connect you with players in your own home or across the globe. Part of the challenge and thrill of playing comes with the reacting to the unexpected delivered by interacting with other gamers. You connect to the platform via your internet connection and the graphics are processed on your gaming device. <Just for fun, you can check out a list of the hottest multiplayer games HERE.> Conversely, cloud gaming is gaining momentum and allows players to access and play video games over a live streamed connection. Tech giants such as Google, Xbox and Amazon are all in a race [...]

The Gamer’s Edge Revisited2021-05-05T10:10:34-05:00

Top 5 Benefits of the Hybrid Multicloud


The multicloud has quickly become a staple for enterprises, with 94% operating in hybrid environments, and 67% of those utilizing a mix of cloud providers. As the multicloud has gained significant popularity, there’s no better time to start to consider your own strategy. If you’re just hearing this term for the first time, multicloud is when you use multiple cloud providers concurrently. On top of that, there’s the hybrid multicloud, where businesses use a mix of private and public cloud providers to achieve their specific goals. There are a lot of benefits to employing a hybrid multicloud strategy, such as the following: Put the Workloads in the Right Place If [...]

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The Edge Ecosystem in 2021


Trends for the year ahead for Data Centers and Beyond The beginning of a new year is always exciting. Industry experts begin to gauge which of their predictions look like they might become a reality, and which may take some more time to develop. This year in particular is an interesting one, as we can start to take stock of some of the shifting trajectories the pandemic introduced in 2020. As we journey forward into a new year, what will 2021 bring? Here are some trends we expect to see as ones to watch. Content is Still King But Revamping Network Architectures Reigns Supreme CDNs are driving major demand for [...]

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1623 Farnam Chats with Inside Data Centre Podcast


Our very own Todd Cushing recently caught up with Andy Davis, host of the Inside Data Centre podcast. The two discussed the evolution of the data center industry and how it has come a long way since Todd first started in the industry with First Data Corp in Omaha. Fast-forward to today and as President of 1623 Farnam, Todd discusses how our interconnected edge data center is now serving hyperscalers, global telecoms, cloud and service providers. Our robust interconnection hub has also become a key onramp to the cloud.  The Benefits of an Ecosystem Play “When we started off as a carrier hotel, we knew that we needed to have [...]

1623 Farnam Chats with Inside Data Centre Podcast2021-01-29T12:49:18-06:00

A Look Back on An Unprecedented Year


Finally, a particularly challenging year has come to an end. While we cannot be exactly sure what is on the horizon for 2021, we can surely breathe a sigh of relief for making it through a year of unexpected obstacles and the adjustment to a “new normal”. Now, we have learned quite a few lessons and can look forward to a promising year ahead. And while 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic was a year unlike any other, we were still able to accomplish some pretty amazing things and navigate the year’s trends. Colocation as Important as Ever One of the largest data center trends we saw throughout this past year [...]

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1623 Farnam Featured in Market Research Study


Our position in the advantageous Midwest connectivity market has never been stronger, but you don’t have to take our word for it. In a report published by 451 Research, a third party assessment of our strengths and weaknesses shows the future is bright.  451 Research is a market research and analysis organization focussed on the IT industry. With a goal to bring together data and intelligence to help tech companies make smart decisions, they specialize in information concerning cloud native technologies, AI, data centers, IoT, DevOps, cybersecurity, and cloud services. The firm completed a market research report on 1623 Farnam, analyzing our position after an ownership change and large funding [...]

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Great White Space: Open for Business and New Possibilities


We’ve flicked the switch on our big neon vacancy sign. A bunch of brand new, highly optimized white space is now available thanks to our massive new expansion project. We’ve been hard at work, adding four new floors of fully connected edge data center space at 6,400 gross square feet per floor, and 5,400 square feet of available white space per floor. This brand new infrastructure includes a full 5 kw of n+1 power capability per cabinet, with the ability to support even more additional power. The freshly available space also includes n+1 hot aisle containment cooling – a valuable addition for saving energy and money. Available for pre-sale right [...]

Great White Space: Open for Business and New Possibilities2020-11-13T10:51:26-06:00

A Modern Approach to Connectivity


Megaport and 1623 Farnam teamed up for a webinar titled “A Modern Approach to Connectivity with Megaport”.  Greg Elliott, VP of Business Development for 1623 Farnam and Adam Wirkus, Sales Director for Megaport covered topics such as SDNs and how they are beneficial for controlling network traffic reliably in a cost-effective and secure manner. Other key insights include the stats below from Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud report:  59% of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed expectations due to COVID-19 87% are using a hybrid cloud strategy 93% of enterprises are using a hybrid cloud strategy 73% have a top priority to optimize cloud spend as their adoption and [...]

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30 Years of Gaming and What It Means for Colocation


When Amazon announced its new game streaming service, it joined other heavyweights Google, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and plenty of others launching gaming subscription services. The world of video games is about to enter a new era. What does that mean for networks and interconnection? Sometimes, talking about how we got here is instructive in forecasting where we’re going. Let’s take a look into the past of gaming to help us understand the present and the future. Let’s start in the mid-eighties - in what gamers call the third generation of gaming – to see what lessons we can learn and the future of cloud gaming. The controllers have changed [...]

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The future of cloud gaming is on the Edge


Data Center Dynamics recently featured 1623 Farnam in an article written by Vice President of Business Development, Greg Elliott. The combination of cloud and Edge computing creates a more flexible platform that provides gaming developers and publishers with the ability to scale. Input latency and visual lag can have an outsized and negative impact on the gamer’s experience, especially for new cloud gaming platforms, if servers reside in centralized cloud data centers that are located hundreds of miles away or more from the end user. Whereas centralized cloud service providers require companies to keep content in a single location, Edge computing enables the distribution of application processes at the edge [...]

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