Everything is migrating to the cloud. From enterprise virtualization to the use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, edge-based applications and smart devices, today’s workforce is more on-the-go and mobile than ever before. That means more data is being generated at edge endpoints, overwhelming current enterprise networks. As a result, ultra low latency, local access to multiple cloud options is now a number one priority for many businesses. 

At 1623 Farnam, we are your edge data center of choice strategically located in the heart of the US. Thanks to our growing partnerships with Google Cloud Connect, Telia and other popular cloud enablers, you can quickly and privately connect to the providers you need. If your business has data-intensive workloads, spans multiple locations throughout the US and is designed to run in the public cloud, it’s time to take advantage of the reliability, agility and scalability of interconnecting at 1623 Farnam.

For our Google Cloud customers

Google’s Dedicated Interconnect service is available at our edge facility. How does it work? Simply put, it is a cross connect physical connection between your network and Google’s. The meeting place – 1623 Farnam. Enjoy a 10G link, a 100G link or a link bundle. For more information on this service, visit the Google library here .

Benefits of interconnecting with cloud providers at 1623 Farnam include:

  • Elimination of hops in favor of direct, secure connections to multiple cloud providers
  • Because circuits reside in our data center, you get the ultra low latency, high-speed experience you need
  • Provisioning cross connects is fast, speeding your time to market
  • Maximum scalability: grow your reach as we grow our partnerships with cloud providers and enablers
  • Full data security – compliant with SOC2 Type 1, PCI DSS, ISO, BCP