Our On-site Expert Technicians Help Ensure Your Colocation Infrastructure Remains Up and Running

Achieving maximum availability and uptime of your IT infrastructure is of the utmost importance. 1623 Farnam’s Virtual & Remote Hands is a 24×7 operational support service for remote management, rack and stack installation, along with troubleshooting and issue resolution for your colocated IT infrastructure. 

Our customers trust us to do more for them.

Leverage our experienced technicians, which not only frees up your IT team and empowers them for assisting with other projects, but also helps minimize your team’s travel and onsite visits to the data center. We have skilled support staff ready and available to take care of your colocated equipment needs and requirements at the direction of your off-site personnel.

Our highly responsive team is on standby to get the job done quickly with a high level of quality assurance.

Remote management – Our skilled on-site team can free up your IT staff and eliminate trips and travel to the data center. We can help with the following areas and more:

  • Rack and Stack – Ship equipment to our data center and our team will complete the rack and stack for you
  • Installation – Routers, switches, servers, optics, patch cords, cabling
  • Visual inspection, reboots and resets of your equipment and reseating of optics
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics – Our on-site technical team can assist with power level and OTDR testing of your circuits
  • Round the clock Technical support availability
  • Reporting – For areas including connection inventory and power usage

Download our infographic to learn more.

Let us free up your team, and give you the peace of mind that your colocation environment is always on and available to support and serve your customers.