The 5G Edge

As a pillar of the emerging 5G ecosystem, 1623 Farnam recognizes and promotes the transformative possibilities offered by the move to 5G, 6G, and beyond. The world is advancing past the proof of concept and early trial phases of 5G and seeing an increase in tangible, scaleable deployments, innovative use cases, and impactful capabilities. Now, the 5G wow factor is gradually making its way into our day-to-day lives.

What gives 1623 (and its tenants) a 5G advantage?

It all comes down to latency. All the next-gen applications being created and deployed in the new world of 5G have high demands for performance and user experience, all of which depend on the lowest latencies. These 5G opportunities demand levels of speed that can only be found at the edge — and that’s why 1623 is a trusted edge interconnection specialist. To learn more about how 1623’s Omaha hub offers the best connectivity and latency advantages, read more here.

What Awaits in a 5G-Enabled World

The benefits of 5G are plentiful and include higher data speeds, lower latencies, intelligent networking, advanced data mining – all of which will spur a myriad of real-world use cases and applications, including AR/VR and other applications that require faster responses and provide transformative user ability. 5G adoption in the years to come will drive advancements in many sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, robotics, automotive, energy, sports broadcasting, and public safety. 5G will also support the latest tech fixation: the metaverse.

The internet will be transformed as enterprise, and tech organizations move their data and communication infrastructures to the edge of their networks. This will create highly flexible communications systems with very low latency.

1623 Farnam is THE edge ecosystem with robust interconnection to over 50 global and regional carriers, multiple global cloud on ramps, and the Omaha IX peering exchange.

Given all of this potential for new networking and sharpening your 5G strategy, you can be well on your way to revolutionizing your organization with one easy deployment. Get the edge on your tech future at 1623 Farnam!

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