Major tech players like Microsoft, Zoom, Epic Games and Facebook have made it clear they see huge potential in the metaverse. Even apparel corporations like Nike and Ralph Lauren are willing to invest big money into the idea. With all the attention and excitement, it may seem like the metaverse is just around the corner. However, there are still so many more questions than answers.

So, what kind of technological advancements and infrastructure building are we talking about? First, there needs to be hardware – both for users and content creators that doesn’t exist yet. Next up is a need for a significant auxiliary source of processing power that must be activated to support new and massive computing functions. And we can’t forget the software behind the virtual platforms must be developed. Lastly, the network needs to be able to support all three of these developments. The metaverse will require constant, instantaneous, high bandwidth data transfers that simply aren’t currently possible.

High capacity IT infrastructure is needed to support the idea of the metaverse, making edge data centers more crucial than ever.

In many ways, the emergence of the metaverse relies on the emergence of a new network to support it. Since we know the biggest corporations in the world are already on board, the onus is now on those running the networks to keep pace. As a result, the industry needs to shift its thinking in regard to the metaverse.

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