Streaming content, real-time collaboration programs and even the rise of 5G are all challenging network operators to scale their networks to handle surging traffic flows. For more than 20 years, 1623 Farnam has served as a strategically-located carrier hotel for carriers looking to interconnect. Today, we host seven of the Top 13 IP transit providers in the world and continue to attract new carriers needing a centralized point from which to reach across the US. Our data center offers:

  • Carrier Density – over 60 carriers with local, national and international reach
  • Carrier Neutrality – choose the carrier that best meets your needs
  • Internet Bandwidth – major providers of Wholesale Internet Bandwidth
  • Organized “Meet-Me-Room” – facilitates fast and easy cross connects
  • Omaha IP Exchange ( – and other peering partners
  • Low Latency Access – “on-net” and available from both facilities
  • Fully compliant with SOC2 Type 1, SOC2 Type 2, PCI DSS, ISO, BCP

At 1623 Farnam, we’ve been constantly building our ecosystem to deliver the best possible content opportunities and connectivity potential to our growing community. If you’re looking to get the best edge, you need data gravity.