A New and Powerful IT Landscape.

5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality — cutting-edge technologies like these, while bringing a host of unique applications to the table, are all generating a focus on one key development: edge computing.

Our digital world now requires more robust levels of performance for larger amounts of information than ever before. Real-time analytics and analysis, along with high-speed, high-volume data transfer, will be key for ensuring opportunities such as driverless cars, smart wearables or cloud gaming are viable. To achieve this, the way data is processed and managed is fundamentally changing.

Today’s IT topology focuses on wherever the user or the device resides — this is the network edge. By distributing data processing and storage toward the point at which the data is created and consumed, we can harness truly low latency and create a new network footprint that empowers the future of technology.

At 1623 Farnam, we know the future is on the edge.