Gaming-as-a-Service at the Edge

In a connected world, the days of the siloed gaming console are over. With innovations at the edge and in the cloud, users across the globe can now enjoy a more cooperative, collaborative and interactive experience that is revolutionizing the gaming sector.

Infrastructure that Empowers

Yesterday’s consoles were designed to power the user’s game through themselves. However, by harnessing the power of evolving network and data infrastructure, we can now stream these applications over the internet to bring gaming communities together. 

Leveraging remote servers in edge data centers, cloud gaming can achieve the connectivity and the low latencies it requires to support superior experiences on the user’s own device. Today, this edge use case is redefining the way games are consumed on a massive scale. 

As a leading interconnected edge data center in the heart of the U.S., 1623 Farnam is poised to deliver on cloud gaming opportunities and beyond.

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