A Robust Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Platform

With 1623 Farnam’s Console Connect-enabled edge data center, you can more easily provision, manage and control your global connectivity. This platform delivers a global network infrastructure with comprehensive end-to-end SLAs, empowering access to mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications. This enables customers at 1623 Farnam to interconnect seamlessly with a global ecosystem of cloud, SaaS, and data center partners. Leveraging PCCW Global’s advanced MPLS network infrastructure, which includes a redundant and resilient global subsea cable network, digital transformations can be supported and accelerated with high levels of speed, security, and performance.

Reach Further, Connect More

Console Connect’s simple-to-use platform, interconnected by one private, global network and
powered by software-defined interconnection, offers a range of mission-critical advantages for you to enrich your connectivity. These network benefits include:

● Increased Deployment Speed:

○ Spin-up high-speed connections between data centers, business-critical apps, and partners.

● Extended Geographic Reach:

○ Console Connect’s underlying private network infrastructure is truly global and best-in-class.

● Enhanced Reliability, Security, and Performance:

○ Avoid the public internet and enhance the security, speed, and performance of your mission-critical workloads.

● Expanded Network Agility:

○ Eliminate complex or costly network connections with agile, scalable, and fast connectivity.

Through Console Connect at 1623 Farnam, You Can Easily Connect to:


Data Centers

Business Partners

Internet Exchanges

Internet of Things

Internet on Demand