1623 Farnam is the leading network interconnect point providing secure direct edge connectivity to fiber and wireless network providers, major cloud, content providers and Fortune 500 enterprises. Our Omaha Interconnected Edge Data Center supports mission critical infrastructure and applications with the highest levels of availability. As the regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection, 1623 Farnam offers access to 50 network companies which have local, regional, national and international reach.

Historically, 1623 Farnam has acted as a prime carrier hotel conveniently located on America’s original east to west Internet fiber backbone. Now, times have changed in an exciting way. As enterprises increasingly migrate their workloads into multiple clouds and carrier subscribers use new tech involving the IoT, 4K streaming and more, edge peering and local onramps to cloud services are more important than ever.

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Strategically located near Google’s new data center in Papillion, we are a natural gateway to the cloud provider’s largest North American node. With growing partnerships with other cloud providers and enablers, you’ll find we can satisfy the proximity, low latency and rapid scalability requirements you have for your data-intensive workloads.


Our 75,000 square feet of flexible space features:

  • 6MW of power
  • Powered shell
  • Build-to-suit
  • Turnkey managed suites
  • Carrier and cloud-neutral connectivity
  • 24/7/365 security access

For full specifications and certifications, visit our technical specifications page here.

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