The catalysts of development at the network edge have been well established: Demands for faster, more available services and better-than-ever experiences are at the core of what drives businesses to bring their storage and computing closer to users.

Now, the landscape of IT infrastructure is being reshuffled, and the long-standing core metros that once dominated the data center industry are now giving way to new, high-value edge hubs.

So, what’s redrawing the map of data and connectivity as we know it? Data gravity.

Get to Know the New Gravity

What is data gravity, and how is it cultivating the new, connectivity-rich ecosystems that all the digitally transforming organizations are now looking for?

Data gravity draws high-value peers together in advantageous markets like Omaha (which delivers the unique, strategic benefit of a location at the nexus of U.S. connectivity). In turn, this pull creates ecosystems with self-perpetuating potential: The more companies and carriers that gather in these ecosystems, the more connectivity potential they generate for all members, which means even more want to join. So the cycle continues.

The result is a self-bettering, constantly improving, effortlessly momentum-generating community based around a strategic edge data center — like 1623 Farnam.

What Generates Data Gravity?

Data gravity requires the right beginnings. Right now, the edge is rich in data gravity, but not all edge data centers have this X factor. Geographical location, the presence of an IX (like our own Omaha IX and important essentials like colocation are all key to cultivating the foundations of data gravity — these are what draw in high-value peers and get the flywheel started.

Here are a few of the advantages we offer that have helped us deliver the benefit of data gravity to our customers:

  • Physical proximity to cloud providers
  • Growing partnerships with Google Cloud, Arelion, Megaport, PacketFabric, Unitas and other important networks

At 1623 Farnam, we’ve constantly been building our ecosystem to deliver the best possible content opportunities and connectivity potential to our growing community. That’s why hyperscalers and other industry leaders are upping their presence at our edge data center and interconnection hub.

This is what future-proofed connectivity looks like. If you’re looking to get the best edge, you need data gravity.