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Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference


Sustainability has been a hot button topic in the data center industry as of late, and for good reason. Data centers utilize a large amount of resources, including power and water, to carry out operations in the facility, and as a result can generate large amounts of emissions. As our communities and the world continue to generate mass amounts of data and connectivity demands only soar higher, we are likely  to  keep adding to these environmental impacts. So, how do we continue to grow without increasing emissions or depleting resources? Luckily, there are solutions we can take advantage of. It’s Cool, Man Cooling uses a lot of power, but it [...]

Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference2021-10-29T12:04:40-05:00

Game Engines And The Cutting Edge of Gaming 


Virtual reality and augmented reality games and experiences represent a horizon approaching closer every day. There are several parties involved, including content delivery networks and game developers. The bandwidth needs are huge, and to solve the ping issues gaming engines must be hosted in multiple edge locations. To understand why, let’s dive into the world of game engines and how they relate to latency.  The Rise of Game Engines Today’s rich, interactive video experience is made possible by advanced game engines – software environments that provide the architecture with which developers create and run games, rendering images on the fly in response to the movements of the user. One of [...]

Game Engines And The Cutting Edge of Gaming 2021-05-03T14:17:31-05:00

The Edge Ecosystem in 2021


Trends for the year ahead for Data Centers and Beyond The beginning of a new year is always exciting. Industry experts begin to gauge which of their predictions look like they might become a reality, and which may take some more time to develop. This year in particular is an interesting one, as we can start to take stock of some of the shifting trajectories the pandemic introduced in 2020. As we journey forward into a new year, what will 2021 bring? Here are some trends we expect to see as ones to watch. Content is Still King But Revamping Network Architectures Reigns Supreme CDNs are driving major demand for [...]

The Edge Ecosystem in 20212021-02-02T16:37:20-06:00

A Look Back on An Unprecedented Year


Finally, a particularly challenging year has come to an end. While we cannot be exactly sure what is on the horizon for 2021, we can surely breathe a sigh of relief for making it through a year of unexpected obstacles and the adjustment to a “new normal”. Now, we have learned quite a few lessons and can look forward to a promising year ahead. And while 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic was a year unlike any other, we were still able to accomplish some pretty amazing things and navigate the year’s trends. Colocation as Important as Ever One of the largest data center trends we saw throughout this past year [...]

A Look Back on An Unprecedented Year2021-01-29T12:41:15-06:00

Google Cloud’s Lowest Latency Lives at 1623 Farnam


1623 Farnam is now officially the only low latency direct connection to Google Cloud in the central United States. If you’re looking to connect to Google Cloud marketplace solutions, we’re the place with the fastest connection. Colocate your equipment here and connect to Google with the lowest possible latency. The United States is one of the largest adopters of Google Cloud globally and hosts a number of locations in the country so users can run cloud applications in an area nearby. Of Google’s 18 regions, five are located in the United States. Of these five American regions, one of them – called US Central 1 – is located right here [...]

Google Cloud’s Lowest Latency Lives at 1623 Farnam2020-10-22T13:40:33-05:00

Gaming and Networks: Who’s Chasing Who?


The gaming industry is on the cusp of a breakthrough, and it will bank heavily (and literally) on colocation and ultra low latency access to the cloud to blossom. Where game streaming services are ready for takeoff, the necessary networks are not ready to support them. Online gaming has traditionally responded to developments in internet technology, but now the tables have turned and gaming developers and distributors are leading the charge. It’s time for network providers to respond. A Look Into The Past of Internet Gaming Gaming is putting new demands on networks, but it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, for decades multiplayer gaming simply responded to what [...]

Gaming and Networks: Who’s Chasing Who?2020-10-22T13:28:55-05:00

Take a Peek at Our Expansion Progress!


We have been hard at work on our big expansion project! We’re increasing our footprint, increasing capacity and updating some of our tech to ensure we are bringing our customers the absolute best. With our new and improved cooling methods and increased power capacity, we’ll be able to host larger workloads. This will allow us to better serve larger enterprises while maintaining the quality our customers have grown accustomed to. This project is extremely important to us, as we know that our prime location at the nexus of the country’s North/South and East/West fiber routes is a strategic advantage for our customers. We want to enable them to take advantage [...]

Take a Peek at Our Expansion Progress!2020-10-06T17:06:53-05:00

The Case for Colocation at 1623 Farnam


IT infrastructure has become even more critical than ever.  Whether you are a mid-size company or large enterprise, you need to be able to connect to a reliable network that has a low risk of downtime and do so cost effectively. So, how can you achieve all of this? Consider colocation. Why Colocation?  Technology is evolving every day, and so is the amount of data that we create. Your business’ workloads are increasing constantly, which can put a strain on your on-site infrastructure -including elements such as power, network connectivity, and even ensuring you have ample cooling. So, what do you do when you’ve exhausted or nearing the capacity of [...]

The Case for Colocation at 1623 Farnam2020-09-18T12:06:28-05:00

1623 Farnam Expands Team – Poised for Significant Growth


Not only are we at 1623 Farnam expanding our facility, but we are expanding our team as well. Our newest addition, Greg Elliott, will serve as a Vice President of Business Development for 1623 Farnam - an excellent addition to the team. The combination of his sales knowledge and experience working in business development make him a valuable asset to the team during a time of unprecedented expansion for our edge data center. Greg has an extensive history of work experience in the telecom and tech industries, both in sales and business development and management. For twenty-plus years he has been in the industry, beginning as a District Manager at [...]

1623 Farnam Expands Team – Poised for Significant Growth2020-07-07T15:35:55-05:00

Gateway to the Google Cloud


Is it just us, or does it seem like everybody is transitioning to cloud integrations, particularly when it comes to running applications? For developers, the cloud offers unparalleled advantages in terms of scalability. Modern applications tend to require a hefty amount of processing power and are data dense. If you are running these applications with an eye to leveraging Google, you can reap a significant advantage by colocating in 1623 Farnam. Here’s why. Our edge data center location, at the nexus of the country’s North/South and East/West routes, is quite strategic when you consider our proximity to  Google’s largest North American Cloud node. By partnering with us, you can [...]

Gateway to the Google Cloud2020-05-28T12:36:23-05:00
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