Sustainability has been a hot button topic in the data center industry as of late, and for good reason. Data centers utilize a large amount of resources, including power and water, to carry out operations in the facility, and as a result can generate large amounts of emissions. As our communities and the world continue to generate mass amounts of data and connectivity demands only soar higher, we are likely  to  keep adding to these environmental impacts. So, how do we continue to grow without increasing emissions or depleting resources? Luckily, there are solutions we can take advantage of.

It’s Cool, Man

Cooling uses a lot of power, but it is absolutely imperative to the proper operation of a data center. So, how do we continue cooling our equipment without pulling mass amounts of power? In recent years, there has been a lot of innovation in more efficient data center cooling methods. From hot aisle containment to liquid immersion cooling, there are a number of ways that data centers can continue cooling without breaking the metaphorical power bank. By optimizing your data center’s cooling method and making it more efficient, you are not only saving the environment but saving your wallet as well. Inefficient cooling could be costing you unnecessarily high power consumption, which will affect your bottom line and the global environment.

Location, Location, Location

Another great way you can minimize your data center’s carbon footprint is by locating it in an area where you have better access to renewable energy. Utilizing a renewable power source can slash your carbon footprint. Location also comes into play when considering cooling costs. Locating where temperatures tend to be on the cooler side or there are cold winters can greatly decrease your need to manually cool facilities. These are more considerations that can do a great deal to lower your power needs, thereby lowering your costs as well as your environmental impact. Your location can also put you close to valuable partnerships like chiller or power plants. Rather than building your own, partnering or subleasing power from one of these entities could be another way to lessen your impact. 

It Starts with Us

When it comes to sustainability, more and more data centers are making pledges to become carbon neutral in the coming years. We as an industry must all do our part to achieve these goals and make conscious efforts to “green” our infrastructure. At 1623 Farnam, our recently completed renovations have done just that. Our location in Omaha, Nebraska is also advantageous due to the area’s long and cold winters, which minimize our cooling needs for months at a time. We also source our power from the Omaha Power District, which is the local utility provider that offers both wind and solar energy that we are able to take advantage of.

While we can’t all rebuild our data centers in more advantageous locations, we must invest in these green technologies or risk falling behind. Governments and legislation are catching up, with ever-stricter regulations and requirements instated when it comes to sustainability. We’re doing our part at 1623 Farnam, and we are a part of an online system that reviews our practices to make sure that we are in line with our sustainability goals. We’re doing our part, and we encourage you to do yours!