1623 Farnam is now officially the only low latency direct connection to Google Cloud in the central United States. If you’re looking to connect to Google Cloud marketplace solutions, we’re the place with the fastest connection. Colocate your equipment here and connect to Google with the lowest possible latency.

The United States is one of the largest adopters of Google Cloud globally and hosts a number of locations in the country so users can run cloud applications in an area nearby. Of Google’s 18 regions, five are located in the United States. Of these five American regions, one of them – called US Central 1 – is located right here in Nebraska, where two of Google’s deployments are located within three miles of 1623 Farnam. Each region has a single dedicated interconnect colocation facility designated for low latency workloads. In the US Central 1 region, that colocation facility is 1623 Farnam. 

The “so what” about low latency Google Cloud

We’re certified for under 5 milliseconds of latency from 1623 Farnam’s data center to Google Cloud. If you require guaranteed low latency with your interconnection or are just looking for the best Google onramp you can get, you’ve come to the right place.

Google Cloud is continuing to change the landscape for how business gets done. For the most successful Google Cloud users, net returns can reach $10 for every $1 spent. Moreover, total revenue expansions and cost savings attributed to Google Cloud use is in the billions of dollars. Its open source approach and promotion of machine learning and AI tools make it an ideal platform for pushing productivity and innovation. We are the prime colocation facility to drive implementation of priority workloads and help you execute your organization’s cloud strategy. 

For small-to-medium sized businesses this may mean installing colocation equipment for hybrid or multi-cloud workloads. For enterprises, it may mean shifting entire workloads to Google Cloud as efficiently as possible. We’re proud to be chosen as the established partner in the region for Google Cloud’s ecosystem because it means we can offer the best in high speed and secure connections to the Google Cloud.

Learn more about our dedicated Google connect service here.