Our very own Todd Cushing recently caught up with Andy Davis, host of the Inside Data Centre podcast. The two discussed the evolution of the data center industry and how it has come a long way since Todd first started in the industry with First Data Corp in Omaha. Fast-forward to today and as President of 1623 Farnam, Todd discusses how our interconnected edge data center is now serving hyperscalers, global telecoms, cloud and service providers. Our robust interconnection hub has also become a key onramp to the cloud. 

The Benefits of an Ecosystem Play

When we started off as a carrier hotel, we knew that we needed to have more peering and more interaction…so, we were able to purchase the <Omaha> IX and were able able to add content companies to that IX, so they could share data. So, that is part of the ecosystem that a large carrier would be looking to put some data on it and share that as a tertiary network. So, you might have an A/B network but now everyday that you can use that peering, you are going to save on your telecom costs and be able to get the content. Think Netflix, Akamai and other hyperscalers. So, that ecosystem would mean that they also would want to bring in their clients or content people would want to be there so they can share data. It is much more cost-effective, you can get scale that you can’t find. 100G is very achievable in the building. And can also get pricing that is kinda of on-net pricing and go carrier from carrier.” 

The discussion turned to how best to enter the data center industry and giving advice for those looking to make the move. Tune in to hear more from Todd on dispelling the myths of the data center for our next generation. He explains that you don’t have to be an engineer or a programmer to do well. Todd discusses the many ways to get involved and learn about the sector. Our industry needs to start reaching out and getting college students more familiar with what all is involved in data centers and how the ever-changing nature of the industry can be rewarding, challenging and exciting.

So, take a break, relax and tune into the full discussion or listen below.