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How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace


With access to more than 50 carriers, service providers and cloud providers, along with direct access to the Omaha IX peering exchange, our data center is the prime spot for enterprises striving to bolster network routes and access low-latency interconnection. In fact, we’ve seen recent record traffic in our Omaha IX location, based on data being exchanged at peak traffic times. Peering status in the Omaha IX creates faster throughput and exchange of information among enterprises and traffic routes. Here’s where the value really builds, though: Enter peer Google, stage left, to the mix. Google has made a strong commitment to the Silicon Prairie, announcing its own new data center [...]

How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace2021-06-14T15:32:29-05:00

President Todd Cushing Discusses Ongoing Facility Expansion


There are lots of new things going on at 1623 Farnam this year with growth designed to better serve our customers and partners. 1623 Farnam president Todd Cushing had a chance for a virtual sit down recently with JSA TV at ITW 2020 to discuss some of these exciting developments. One of the major developments is regarding the considerable expansion taking place this summer in our edge data center. “We’ve always been N+1 but now we’re going to have all new electrical, all new mechanical, new security and building management to the facility. The 7th floor is going to be available for leasing at the 12th of August and we’re [...]

President Todd Cushing Discusses Ongoing Facility Expansion2020-06-22T14:12:19-05:00

Gateway to the Google Cloud


Is it just us, or does it seem like everybody is transitioning to cloud integrations, particularly when it comes to running applications? For developers, the cloud offers unparalleled advantages in terms of scalability. Modern applications tend to require a hefty amount of processing power and are data dense. If you are running these applications with an eye to leveraging Google, you can reap a significant advantage by colocating in 1623 Farnam. Here’s why. Our edge data center location, at the nexus of the country’s North/South and East/West routes, is quite strategic when you consider our proximity to  Google’s largest North American Cloud node. By partnering with us, you can [...]

Gateway to the Google Cloud2020-05-28T12:36:23-05:00
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