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Why You Need To Leverage The Multicloud


Multicloud has very quickly become a huge buzzword in the enterprise space, with more and more businesses adopting their own multicloud strategy. Still wondering what multicloud is? Simply put, it is when a business strategically implements multiple clouds, usually a mix of public and private, to optimize their workloads and operate as efficiently as possible. But why exactly is this a worthwhile endeavor? Let’s explore! The Multicloud is Agile, Flexible and Scalable Some of the most prominent benefits of the multicloud is how flexible it allows you to be. When developing your multicloud strategy, you can pick and choose exactly which services and features will serve you best and leverage [...]

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The Case for Colocation at 1623 Farnam


IT infrastructure has become even more critical than ever.  Whether you are a mid-size company or large enterprise, you need to be able to connect to a reliable network that has a low risk of downtime and do so cost effectively. So, how can you achieve all of this? Consider colocation. Why Colocation?  Technology is evolving every day, and so is the amount of data that we create. Your business’ workloads are increasing constantly, which can put a strain on your on-site infrastructure -including elements such as power, network connectivity, and even ensuring you have ample cooling. So, what do you do when you’ve exhausted or nearing the capacity of [...]

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Gateway to the Google Cloud


Is it just us, or does it seem like everybody is transitioning to cloud integrations, particularly when it comes to running applications? For developers, the cloud offers unparalleled advantages in terms of scalability. Modern applications tend to require a hefty amount of processing power and are data dense. If you are running these applications with an eye to leveraging Google, you can reap a significant advantage by colocating in 1623 Farnam. Here’s why. Our edge data center location, at the nexus of the country’s North/South and East/West routes, is quite strategic when you consider our proximity to  Google’s largest North American Cloud node. By partnering with us, you can [...]

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