AR on the Rise: Apple, the Future of Digital Reality — and How to Get There


Augmented and virtual reality are no longer a new concept. Iterations of this technology began as early as the 1960s with the Sword of Damocles headset, but today, they’re reaching new (and more commercially available) heights. In fact, Apple created newfound buzz around the idea of extended realities with the much-discussed release of their Vision Pro product. Of course, this latest version from Apple — which uses 12 cameras, six microphones and five sensors to achieve its functionality  — is far from the first or only wearable of its type. Other hyperscalers like Google and Microsoft are in on this potential cash cow with their own headsets, called the Project [...]

AR on the Rise: Apple, the Future of Digital Reality — and How to Get There2023-06-12T13:29:44-05:00

The Edge data center: Home of the Metaverse


Major tech players like Microsoft, Zoom, Epic Games and Facebook have made it clear they see huge potential in the metaverse. Even apparel corporations like Nike and Ralph Lauren are willing to invest big money into the idea. With all the attention and excitement, it may seem like the metaverse is just around the corner. However, there are still so many more questions than answers. So, what kind of technological advancements and infrastructure building are we talking about? First, there needs to be hardware – both for users and content creators that doesn’t exist yet. Next up is a need for a significant auxiliary source of processing power that must [...]

The Edge data center: Home of the Metaverse2021-12-08T12:24:15-06:00

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact


Whether it’s to connect or educate people, deliver pure enjoyment or life-saving services, virtual and augmented reality have taken center stage during the pandemic. While AR and VR are different, both offer immense benefits to every industry. Companies around the world are embracing both AR and VR technologies to deliver the same, or better, user experiences in the absence of in-person services. Here are some of the industries learning to maximize the benefits of augmented and virtual reality — when they have access to the low latency and capacity that edge computing and data centers like 1623 Farnam provide. Healthcare: An analysis from MarketsandMarkets predicted an annual AR/VR investment growth [...]

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact2021-07-30T13:25:28-05:00

Hurdles to Mass AR/VR Adoption and How to Clear Them


Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR or VR) go hand-in-hand with disruptive potential. These reality-bending technologies present a level of innovation and versatility that can fundamentally change how industries operate or how value is delivered to users. Whether it’s advanced medicine for healthcare or immersive learning in education, the Extended Reality segment presents some of the most exciting applications of our time — so why haven’t we seen AR/VR take off yet? In truth, before we can realize existing potential at the intersection of real and virtual worlds, there is a lot of infrastructural development that has to be accomplished first. Nevertheless, the first step to overcoming any obstacle is understanding [...]

Hurdles to Mass AR/VR Adoption and How to Clear Them2021-05-10T11:34:14-05:00

Augmented and Virtual Reality: 1623 Farnam’s View from the Edge


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) are terms that have been making rounds in the technology sphere for some time now — and with good reason. Nevertheless, while many may know the value of AR and VR on the surface, do they really know the potential that’s behind the buzzword? Most are likely familiar with commercial Extended Reality uses in gaming and are charmed by their ability to create new and exciting environments for today’s at-home user. However, AR, VR and Mixed Realities (MR) are more than just entertainment — they’re powerful capabilities that can transform our world in some pretty diverse and impactful ways. As we develop [...]

Augmented and Virtual Reality: 1623 Farnam’s View from the Edge2021-08-18T10:04:43-05:00

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 1623


At Metro Connect 2021, Greg Elliott was honored to meet up with Jaymie Scott Cutaia, CEO of JSA to dish on the latest 1623 Farnam developments. The two had no shortage of topics to cover as there is a lot going on at 1623! Greg shared the latest on the $40M expansion which is making the facility a cutting edge data center with new cooling and power infrastructure. Greg continued, “along with nine floors, 8MW of capacity and it already has 50 carriers - that’s awesome  - coupled with the hyperscaler activity in the area, it’s a great spot to be in.” As an interconnected ecosystem, Greg explained how our [...]

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 16232021-03-11T08:50:41-06:00
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