A 6G Crash Course: What’s Headed Our Way?


5G is certainly having its heyday, and the entire IT ecosystem is still in the midst of 5G densification, use case development, and full-on rollout. It’s no surprise that 5G would garner so much press — as with every new generation cellular technology, it brings a lot of value, innovation, and enhanced capabilities to businesses and users of all kinds. In fact, the influence of 5G is so extensive that by 2030, the economic impact of 5G is expected to reach $227 billion — in the manufacturing industry alone. Take into consideration the huge implications this technology will have on mobile communications, healthcare, government, entertainment, and more, and it’s clear [...]

A 6G Crash Course: What’s Headed Our Way?2022-11-22T09:46:43-06:00

5G: Catalyzing Humanity’s Newest Revolution


In the span of human existence and evolution, there always comes a time when we bring about major leaps forward in terms of how our species lives, thrives, and interacts with both its surroundings and itself.  The agricultural revolutions first allowed our nomadic ancestors to become settled and helped our populations grow due to reliable food sources, then enhanced farming techniques spurred our numbers further and helped us more efficiently cultivate our Earth. Then there are the industrial revolutions, which helped us increase our productivity and carved our map of urban centers where populations were highest. These also helped streamline our methods of living, offering humankind greater ease while shifting [...]

5G: Catalyzing Humanity’s Newest Revolution2022-05-09T16:09:39-05:00

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact


Whether it’s to connect or educate people, deliver pure enjoyment or life-saving services, virtual and augmented reality have taken center stage during the pandemic. While AR and VR are different, both offer immense benefits to every industry. Companies around the world are embracing both AR and VR technologies to deliver the same, or better, user experiences in the absence of in-person services. Here are some of the industries learning to maximize the benefits of augmented and virtual reality — when they have access to the low latency and capacity that edge computing and data centers like 1623 Farnam provide. Healthcare: An analysis from MarketsandMarkets predicted an annual AR/VR investment growth [...]

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact2021-07-30T13:25:28-05:00

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 1623


At Metro Connect 2021, Greg Elliott was honored to meet up with Jaymie Scott Cutaia, CEO of JSA to dish on the latest 1623 Farnam developments. The two had no shortage of topics to cover as there is a lot going on at 1623! Greg shared the latest on the $40M expansion which is making the facility a cutting edge data center with new cooling and power infrastructure. Greg continued, “along with nine floors, 8MW of capacity and it already has 50 carriers - that’s awesome  - coupled with the hyperscaler activity in the area, it’s a great spot to be in.” As an interconnected ecosystem, Greg explained how our [...]

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 16232021-03-11T08:50:41-06:00

PTC’21: Greg Elliott Talks to JSA TV about What’s Hot at 1623 Farnam for 2021


While we’d all prefer to be at the “must attend” annual PTC conference in person in Hawaii, missing out on the virtual edition was surely not an option according to our very own Greg Elliott. From fiber builds to a 5G lab, there’s a lot to be excited about at 1623 Farnam in 2021.  With level five commissioning in progress on our $40 million expansion, customers can expect greatly expanded power and cooling capabilities along with the addition of more carriers and fiber vaults. And when it comes to fiber, our location is perfect. Located in the middle of the country, our facility is at the nexus of the country’s [...]

PTC’21: Greg Elliott Talks to JSA TV about What’s Hot at 1623 Farnam for 20212021-06-16T15:29:53-05:00
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