While we’d all prefer to be at the “must attend” annual PTC conference in person in Hawaii, missing out on the virtual edition was surely not an option according to our very own Greg Elliott. From fiber builds to a 5G lab, there’s a lot to be excited about at 1623 Farnam in 2021. 

With level five commissioning in progress on our $40 million expansion, customers can expect greatly expanded power and cooling capabilities along with the addition of more carriers and fiber vaults. And when it comes to fiber, our location is perfect. Located in the middle of the country, our facility is at the nexus of the country’s north south and east west fiber routes, and only more are coming.

Check out the entirety of the video interview below, where Greg also touches on the upcoming AR Challenge and Hackathon, as well as our plan to implement a 5G lab, where hardware and software developers can test their technology with 5G carriers.