2022, and the years beyond, will bring great strides in 5G technology enablement. With more 5G devices coming our way and more comprehensive 5G network build outs by global operators, the globe will enjoy incredible speeds and a higher quality of service. So, what’s on the horizon this year for this major tech disruptor?

Well, we can expect to see multi-Gbps home connections, 5G-enabled laptops, and lightning-fast devices supporting speeds of 300Mbps+. Also, if you have a new smartphone or are in the market for one such as the iPhone 12/13 series, Samsung Galaxy or Motorola, chances are that it will be 5G-enabled. According to the GSMA Intelligence data, in 2025, there will be 1.8 billion 5G connections, with Asia-Pacific and North America leading the way in 5G adoption.

David Christopher, executive vice president and general manager for Partnerships and 5G ecosystem development at AT&T, recently explained that 5G would make 2022 an exciting year, noting, “Innovation is accelerating and will continue in 2022. Big trends that will take the decade or more to play out will continue their maturation, and we’ll see interesting advancements in 2022.”

Putting 5G to Work

It’s been noted that 5G in 2022 will be transformational as this next generation of networking reaches more people, although it will not just be about achieving faster speeds. We’ll start to see mass adoption and an accelerated level of new applications as lower latencies come into play. We will be able to experience the benefits of a much more intelligent network, including real-world use cases like holographic medical imaging, high accuracy location mapping, smart offices, and wireless manufacturing robots. We also will witness super-charged advancements as 5G brings real-time decision making to a wide variety of industries, including automotive, energy, sports broadcasting, and the public safety sector.

In addition, 5G is poised to transform not just how we work, but also how we entertain ourselves. This game-changing technology made an $80M debut in Tampa, FL, at Superbowl 2021, when Verizon showed off its virtual stadium built to highlight its Ultra Wideband 5G network. 5G will also support the latest tech fixation, the metaverse. Fierce Wireless reported, “The metaverse phenomenon will give wireless operators the chance to monetize their 5G investments. With super-fast 5G — and later 6G — people will be able to participate in metaverses by using augmented reality headsets or glasses.”

There is always more on the 5G horizon. Telecom carriers, equipment manufacturers, edge data center providers like 1623, and other 5G ecosystem players are working to collaborate and keep up with the burgeoning innovation happening at the application and use-case level. The 5G future is bright, and the applications and tech advancements that come from it will drive the next wave of edge infrastructure.