So often it seems like the best and most magical experiences occur when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. When it comes to IT, however, there’s a science to making sure you’re always where you need to be and never missing a beat. 

In our recent blog, we discussed the idea of IT FOMO. As most of us know it, FOMO is the fear of missing out on exciting experiences or fun memories and the camaraderie that comes with it. But in technology and business, FOMO brings with it a more dire edge. In a world evolving at breakneck speed with businesses all vying for customers in tightly competitive markets, missing out can spell disaster. A misstep or a missed opportunity can be the setback that created a growing gap between one business and its peers at the forefront of the industry. 

At 1623 Farnam, we never want anyone to have to suffer from FOMO — and it’s why we’ve set up shop at the hub that perpetually puts organizations at the right place at the right time. We touched on the magic of Omaha, Nebraska in our last piece, but there’s a lot more to say about this region and the benefits it brings to digital transformations. 

Does Your Tech Need the Beat of a New Drum? 

Whether it’s a party or a data center deployment, the right experiences require the right atmosphere. Just like venue selection is one of the most important steps at a social occasion, site selection is a major foundational choice for data center deployments. 

For tenants, site selection hinges on a number of factors pertaining to individual requirements. If an organization needs to control costs, they might want a location that has low TCO (total cost of ownership) or great tax benefits. If disaster recovery gets top billing in the list of demands, then a location that’s protected against natural disasters will catch a business’s eye. If teams need to be on-site at a moment’s notice or a customer wants to keep a close eye on its equipment, accessibility will be key. 

Despite so many individualized demands, the world of data centers sees major congregations continuing to form in long-standing markets like Northern Virginia, Dallas, Silicon Valley and the like. We’ve all heard the names and read the headlines: It seems like these are the best venues — they’re the place to be, and if you’re not there, you’re missing out. But is this really the case? 

As demands change, the landscape of connectivity shifts to care for more latency-sensitive apps and data centers proliferate, it’s becoming clearer that organizations may actually be missing out if they don’t look to fresh locations that offer unique advantages. Here’s the takeaway: Don’t let FOMO make you follow the crowd — sometimes the best experiences are the ones that take you somewhere new, exciting, or even a little unexpected. Let’s dig into our favorite example of an advantageous up-and-coming locale.

Omaha: At the Heart of it All 

When we say Nebraska, you might be thinking corn fields and reuben sandwiches instead of connectivity infrastructure and IT transformations. In fact, when we say the Omaha data center market, you might not think of glitz and prestige —  the way many think of Northern Virginia or Silicon Valley — but to write off this location would be a mistake. 

In order to give a more accurate picture of Omaha and map out exactly what you stand to miss if you’re not here, let’s build this picture from the ground up. To start, Omaha is located smack dab in the middle of the U.S. It’s halfway between Boston and San Francisco, and nearly exactly halfway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Canadian border. At first glance, this might make you seem far from your endpoints, but that’s far from the truth. Actually, being in the middle of it all (as opposed to on one of the coasts) allows for great multi-directional connectivity that splits the difference between a host of important markets and regions. If you’re looking for low latency with the greatest potential across a large footprint, this is your place to get it. 

To build on that foundation, 1623 Farnam provides a robust interconnection hub, and it’s one of the fastest-growing interconnection facilities in the U.S. We’re the point of connection for the country’s largest carriers’ east/west and north/south routes and the center of secure onramps to the world’s biggest and most in-demand cloud providers. At our facility, we host more than 50 local, national, and international carriers — and seven of the world’s top 13 IP transit providers. 

We’re not the only ones investing locally, either. Google and Facebook continue to expand with multiple campuses in this Silicon Prairie. If you don’t want to miss out, then now might be the time to get in on this action. 

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