The fear of missing out. As social beings, many of us know this feeling well. As social beings in the digital, ultra-connected age, this feeling often becomes more acute as life’s greatest moments and most exciting stories are paraded in front of our eyes constantly over social media and beyond.

But what happens when a business gets a bad case of FOMO? In this day and age, when rapid innovation persists and the technologies that come from it seem to exist on a continuum that spans from ‘necessary’ to ‘disastrous if not adopted’, FOMO can be crippling. So many IT options exist, organizations can’t possibly incorporate them all. Every time a business digitally transforms, it utilizes time and attention from teams with finite schedules and expertise — but keeping up with the competition is an imperative. None of us can let missing out translate to messing up, so businesses need a way to trust that they’re on track.

Easing the fear of missing out while limiting complexity comes down to making the most out of each single partnership, platform integration or tool adopted. At 1623, we aim to be the partner that soothes FOMO, helping our customers know they’re right where they need to be in terms of powerful capability and ever-expanding opportunity.

Here’s just a few ways we help you get everything you need:

Moving Forward without Moving a Muscle

It’s clear that in order to never miss out on innovation, organizations must have the ability to prioritize and improve key aspects of their IT while minimizing internal business strain. After all, you have your own goals outside of technology, so it would be impossible to constantly keep pace with every new strategy while also catering to your core competencies. Why not have an expert take on the task of prioritizing and strategically evolving? 

1623 Farnam is an ecosystem that’s constantly growing and optimizing on your behalf. Whether it’s through a massive expansion completed in August 2021, access to the Omaha IX or proximity with major cloud providers to help you connect more efficiently — we’ve got your back. 

Let’s face it: Never getting left behind means having friends that always take you with them. If you don’t have partners like that yet, it might be time to get some.

Getting In on the Exclusives

At 1623 Farnam, we don’t do VIP-only advantages. We want to put everything at your fingertips — these opportunities are open to everyone, but only within the walls of our data center. If you’re a part of this ecosystem, your business can take advantage of efficiencies that suit your specific use cases and business models. 

An example of an exclusive opportunity we offer? A partnership with Megaport, the leading Network as a Service (NaaS) organization. We offer one of only a few double-node Megaport locations, which gives our tenants easy and secure access to IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, SAP, Salesforce and beyond. Google Cloud’s lowest latency also lives in our data center. In fact, 1623 Farnam is now officially the only low latency direct connection to Google Cloud in the central United States. 

Not to mention, we offer great foundations for growth goals to ensure you’re never missing a beat. We’re located in the center of the U.S., which offers great bi-directional connectivity and helps split the difference between coasts. This means we offer great connectivity to a large number of major metros — isn’t that better than being stuck on the sidelines? 

If you’re looking to ditch the FOMO and go where the magic happens, then Omaha is where it’s at — and we’d love to show you around. 

You can learn more about us here. If you’re interested in touring our facility, get in touch here.