The 1623 Farnam team, like all of you, are definitely feeling the strains of the current global health crisis. COVID-19 has turned many of our lives upside down, causing millions of Americans to begin working from home if they are fortunate enough to have jobs that allow them to do so. But for many of us in the telecom industry, our jobs have been deemed “essential” by state and local governments. This means that we must continue to carry out these job functions as if they were business as usual. Data centers have been deemed as an essential business, since they represent the core locations where so many organizations house their IT platforms, applications, and data. They serve as communications hubs for carriers, cloud/content providers and enterprises. This means that 1623 Farnam employees have been working hard around the clock to ensure that our customers still have access to maintain equipment, perform daily network operations and have access to all of the connectivity they need.

Because of social distancing, the sudden uptick in remote working and online school, as well as the increase in people streaming content and playing games online, has put a significant strain on our networks. The fact is, our current way of living needs reliable network connections now more than ever. And at 1623 Farnam, our interconnection facility is one piece of critical infrastructure that is essential to maintain these connections. As such, at the onset of restrictions regarding gathering in groups, we began to rotate our staff in smaller groups to ensure that we were able to maintain the health and safety of our employees to the best of our abilities. We had originally planned to have our local facility experts maintaining the facility at the rack level, rotating days and making sure that all operations were functioning properly. However, only a few days into the rotation, one of our key employees fell ill requiring a 14 day quarantine. The other soldiered on, working countless hours and days in a row making sure the facility and services ran as normal course of business.

We would like to ask you all to join us in thanking this employee, who has requested to remain anonymous. Our Lead Facilities Manager has worked continuously in the wake of these uncertain times to be sure that there was one thing you could be certain of: the safety, security, and reliability of your connections. We hope that everybody is staying safe and healthy. Please reach out to us about our Remote Hands offering. We have technicians available to perform router configurations, server reboots, hardware/software updates, power cycling and other functions needed to support your core IT infrastructure. Contact

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