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Meet in the Middle 2023: A Recap


If we had to pick, we’d say that the term ‘ecosystem’ is probably one of the most-used words in our vocabulary — followed closely by partners, customers and peers. So, with more than 100 participants representing 61 companies, we knew the Meet in the Middle event would add value to all. There’s a reason we focus so much on the web of connections and collaborations we’ve built here in Omaha, and it’s because of the value they continue to drive for our entire roster of innovative organizations. From our data center halls to our IX ports, our ecosystem is what we’re most proud of — which is why we look [...]

Meet in the Middle 2023: A Recap2023-10-05T15:14:22-05:00

Is Edge Computing Still Cool?


Where has the edge gone? It seems like only yesterday we were being told by everyone that was anyone in technology and telecommunications that the edge was everywhere — not just in our communities, schools or hospitals, but even in our own pocket. The edge was the word of choice when it came to describing the future of connectivity, bringing with it promises of next-generation use cases and applications. Where is that discussion now?  In truth, the importance of edge computing (and the hype surrounding it) hasn’t gone away. In reality, it’s the opposite. It’s become a solution and connectivity paradigm that is so baked into our current technology maps [...]

Is Edge Computing Still Cool?2023-09-07T11:05:25-05:00

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering


 Did you know that, as part of our next-level cloud, colocation and connectivity ecosystem here at 1623 Farnam, we also have an on-site IX: Omaha IX? Let us introduce you to why exchanges like this are key for digital transformation. Let’s set the stage: It’s 1991. The World Wide Web just sprang to life, Terminator 2 is in theaters — obviously, the world is changing. In the early 90s, life looked a lot different, and so did connectivity. As the world sought to be more interconnected, it became clear that a new kind of infrastructure would be needed to empower the new kind of ‘online’ traffic that was being generated. [...]

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering2023-08-01T15:31:05-05:00

1623 Farnam Welcomes Vyve Broadband to Connectivity Ecosystem


1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces that Vyve Broadband, a Multiple-System Operator (MSO) providing residential and commercial data, voice, and video service to rural communities, is now the newest network in the 1623 Farnam connectivity ecosystem. The new Vyve Broadband PoP ensures close connections to customers in the Midwest and enriches connectivity options for tenants at 1623 Farnam. “1623 Farnam is a major interconnection point for the region, and being a part of their rich ecosystem benefits all involved. Not only do we get to significantly expand and improve our own connectivity options, but our customers and communities get even more access [...]

1623 Farnam Welcomes Vyve Broadband to Connectivity Ecosystem2023-08-01T13:13:58-05:00

Hyperscalers Double Down at 1623 Farnam’s On-Site Internet Exchange


1623 Farnam’s on-site internet exchange, Omaha IX, received a resounding vote of confidence from major hyperscalers, including Microsoft, Qwilt and Meta.  New additions and recent expansions by existing partners underscore Omaha IX’s role as a significant IT and connectivity enabler for mission-critical use cases and applications. Microsoft Community Cache and Qwilt are the newest members of the premier Midwest IX, having secured 20G and 100G peering capacities, respectively. This comes as existing peers such as Meta and Akamai expand their presence, with a host of organizations boosting their ports from 20G to 100G — or even from 400G to 600G. IX participants expanding capacity also include Kansas Fiber Networks, Great [...]

Hyperscalers Double Down at 1623 Farnam’s On-Site Internet Exchange2023-07-25T11:02:18-05:00

How NaaS Is Changing The Retail Landscape


What’s in store for the future of retail? For many companies, it’s modernizing their IT department, optimizing inventory management and better serving their customers’ incredibly diverse preferences. Of course, connectivity is at the core of all of that. Maybe you (like many organizations across nearly all verticals) have already sought to give your connectivity  foundations a boost with peering. Direct interconnection is a great start — but what about optimizing further? Here’s where access Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) models come in particularly handy. What’s Up With Retail? The future of brick-and-mortar stores has been thought to be bleak — sometimes devastatingly so — over the past 15 or so years. A Great [...]

How NaaS Is Changing The Retail Landscape2023-06-30T11:39:20-05:00

AR on the Rise: Apple, the Future of Digital Reality — and How to Get There


Augmented and virtual reality are no longer a new concept. Iterations of this technology began as early as the 1960s with the Sword of Damocles headset, but today, they’re reaching new (and more commercially available) heights. In fact, Apple created newfound buzz around the idea of extended realities with the much-discussed release of their Vision Pro product. Of course, this latest version from Apple — which uses 12 cameras, six microphones and five sensors to achieve its functionality  — is far from the first or only wearable of its type. Other hyperscalers like Google and Microsoft are in on this potential cash cow with their own headsets, called the Project [...]

AR on the Rise: Apple, the Future of Digital Reality — and How to Get There2023-06-12T13:29:44-05:00

Location, Location, Location: 1623 Team Makes the Case for Omaha


Warren Buffett, the Reuben sandwich and data centers. If this were “Jeopardy!” the answer would be “What is Omaha known for?” Sure, the hometown of the billionaire investor and the birthplace of the corned beef sandwich are obvious examples, but what about data centers? Well, it turns out it’s a pretty advantageous place to operate them. ITW Tidbits Greg Elliott, 1623 Farnam’s Vice President of Business Development, talked about the benefits of the location during a recent interview appearance along with fellow Vice President of Business Development Matt Reed at ITW 2023, held May 14-17 at National Harbor, Maryland. With a physical location in the middle of the country, Omaha [...]

Location, Location, Location: 1623 Team Makes the Case for Omaha2023-06-06T14:12:27-05:00

5 Ways the Cloud Builds Business Resilience


It’s a tense time in the business world right now. Layoffs in Big Tech and bank failures have people spooked. It’s like a scene in a horror movie where everyone is looking around anxiously waiting to see where danger will come from next. Still, cutting through the fear and seeing these phases of uncertainty as opportunities is key to remaining protected from the chaos. After all, it’s in this kind of environment that businesses should turn attention inward to see what vulnerabilities they may have and how they can shore themselves up for whatever lies ahead.  The answer for many is in the cloud. It’s an exciting space right now, [...]

5 Ways the Cloud Builds Business Resilience2023-05-22T12:25:56-05:00

Why ‘Out With the Old, In With the New’ Damages Data Center Sustainability


Aside from the case of museums or high-value historical artifacts and locations, humanity has seemingly always put a high premium on newness. As our world has evolved and become fixated on progress, the ideal, progress-oriented mindset became expected — and that means always casting aside ‘legacy’ ideals, strategies or objects in favor of brand new, shiny and state-of-the-art assets and perspectives.  With that in mind, a controversial statement: New doesn’t always mean innovative, and it doesn’t even necessarily mean better. Yes, we stand by that claim even when it comes to the high-tech world of data centers and IT.  The Catch-22 of ‘Purpose-Built’ Over time, as the language of data [...]

Why ‘Out With the Old, In With the New’ Damages Data Center Sustainability2023-05-12T13:39:11-05:00
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