1623 Farnam is a triple threat when it comes to data centers. 

Our carrier-neutral, 80,000-square-foot facility in Omaha, Nebraska, is the go-to spot for a rich ecosystem that spans content and the cloud capabilities. Bill Severn, our Executive Vice President, discussed some of our interconnection hub and edge data center features with JSA TV during Metro Connect 2023.

Ecosystem: We have 53 carriers in our building, positioning us to meet any business’ needs, from providing a low latency route, to carrier diversity, to redundancy and more. In addition to our Omaha IX, we continue to build a thriving ecosystem to meet ever expanding needs. 

Content: As content needs move closer to the edge, our partners can move that content straight from the centrally located 1623 Farnam, reducing latency to the end user. Peering opportunities make that content even easier to access, as seen recently with the release of the new “Call of Duty.” The latest edition of the popular franchise was peered on-site for low latency, which is crucial in a war-themed, rapid response-dependent video game. 

Cloud: Our facility has the lowest latency connection to Google’s public cloud and partners that can provide connections to other data centers in the U.S., cloud operators and locations overseas. In one location you can find an on-ramp to Google Cloud, as well as access to Megaport and PacketFabric, in addition to the newly announced partnership with Console Connect.

Catch Bill’s full interview for further insight into 1623 Farnam’s operations.