The data center is an ecosystem. Within that ecosystem, it’s important to have carrier-dense foundations with lots of interconnection options. As time wears on, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the migration to hybrid cloud has driven people to want to be closer to users — and if the edge data center isn’t rich, it doesn’t really work.

To discuss these evolving mandates for data centers, how to meet customers’ new needs and what the new indicators of success are, 1623 Farnam’s President, Todd Cushing, joined Nabil Hannan, Managing Director of NetSPI and host of the Agent of Influence podcast, on the most recent episode. As a longtime contributor to the data center, IT and telecom industry, Todd answers pressing questions on the increasing importance of edge data centers, what third-party risk management looks like in the data center space and what to expect in the industry looking to 2023 and beyond.

Not to mention, in addition to discussing important industry topics, this discussion’s Rapid Fire round lends some insight into why Todd enjoys Halloween and how he spends his spare time.

Visit NetSPI to listen to the full podcast here.

You can learn more about 1623 Farnam’s edge capabilities here.

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