As the demand placed on data centers grows, the requirements from tenants are becoming more complex. As a result, data center providers and operators are facing a continual push to optimize how they run and manage these mission-critical facilities. What’s more, providers must find new ways to measure and report their operations in ways that demonstrate even more value to customers and shareholders alike. Not to mention, the industry is looking for ways to more effectively track progress against new and crucial areas of industry (and global) focus — like sustainability, for instance. This leads to shifting out supposedly outdated processes and metrics (like PUEs) and replacing them with more accurate benchmarks. All of this begs the question — how should data centers do it? What is the next step for intelligent operations and the measurement of their results? What are the strategies for these considerations looking like at this very moment? 

To help answer these questions, our President Todd Cushing joined a panel from DatacenterDynamics (DCD) titled “The metrics and monitoring revolution: Leveraging data to provide meaningful oversight of an operation.” This panel featured a host of industry luminaries, including individuals from Open Compute Project, Omdia and Assetspire, and delved deep into a range of salient discussions surrounding how data centers are evolving to enhance data analysis and provide accurate, holistic insights into their facilities. Among the topics of note were sustainability and related metrics, the adoption of new practices across data center operations, digital twins, and more. 

Among Cushing’s contributions are key discussions of how data centers are renewing focus on keeping costs down for tenants while making progress across automation, sustainability, and mechanical, and electrical robustness. The very foundational conversations about mission-critical facilities have changed — in annual reviews, the core used to be about outages, and now customers want to talk about progress in technology adoption, levels of ‘green’ and other forward-thinking initiatives. Now, Cushing notes that data centers are on a new operational trajectory. 

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