Digital transformation has become a well-worn term across all business environments. In today’s day and age, IT transformations have become imperative to keep pace with new technologies and new demands from customers. Nevertheless, as the digital world evolves, so do the digital transformations that businesses are undertaking. As a result, questions remain pervasive — even among experienced and tech-savvy organizations. 

That’s why 1623 Farnam recently joined forces with Great Plains Communications, a leader in providing fiber-driven services and technology solutions to enterprise, carrier, and residential customers across the Midwest and beyond; and VMware, a company offering a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences, to deliver insights. Attendees of this presentation got leading perspectives on common pain points that catalyze digital transformation for organizations and how services and solutions like advanced cloud access or software-defined networking can solve those challenges. This knowledge-sharing session also discussed how risks within cloud-first strategies can be reduced or averted and how a path to success can be best built. 

These are some of the most hard-hitting questions that persist when anyone considers advancing technology in business, and they’re common across any and all verticals. When it comes to optimizing networking and connectivity (the base of any agile, efficient IT strategy), 1623 Farnam certainly has a lot to offer. These tips and tricks about leveraging 1623’s robust peering ecosystem, combined with cloud-based discussions and insights about assorted technology solutions from Great Plains and VMware, made this event a not-to-miss opportunity.  

To get the insights from these industry thought leaders, don’t miss the full session: