A new year brings fresh perspectives, new beginnings, bold ideas, and if you are in the telecom and tech industries, you can bet that some remarkable innovations will be coming your way too. Digital transformation strategies amped up last year with no signs of slowing down for the year ahead. Organizations that leverage the best IT strategies will accelerate advantages and increase value for their end-users. In 2022, it will be essential to get creative about how you source your connectivity and assemble the building blocks for your IT infrastructure.

Here’s a peek at a few things to consider as you build out your 2022 IT strategies:

  • Robust connectivity is a fast friend for the fast-movers in the industry. The proliferation of the IX and peering – the act of direct interconnection that happens at IX locations to form network ecosystems – is driven by an increasing need for network flexibility, resilience, agility, and cost savings. The Omaha IX Internet Exchange can deliver all of this, which is especially important for latency-sensitive advancements related to IoT, 5G, and any edge application. By peering, you can cut out third-party transit providers and directly connect to other networks, essentially eliminating the need for additional fees and offering way more control over the data.
  • Over the last few years, the edge certainly got a lot of attention as workloads and applications were ‘edged’ out closer to where the end-users are. In 2022, we will see improvements, adaptations and enhancements to the traditional edge mindset. 
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud (HMC) frameworks will continue to drive more advantages and enable more capabilities in the next frontier of business IT. Data center ecosystems are also crucial and often offer access to a wealth of connectivity options. 1623 Farnam’s central U.S. location puts us in a perfect position to offer access to over 50 global and regional carriers, in addition to many cloud onramps. 

1623 Farnam is your edge data center and interconnection partner that can guide you through the most optimal configuration for your IT infrastructure and workloads – and help you leverage the very best 2022 has to offer. Contact Us today to talk about your IT requirements.

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