For some time now, edge data centers have created quite a bit of buzz within the data center industry. With the rise of loT, Smart Cities, and 5G deployment, many believe that edge data centers are the answer to effectively processing high volumes of data while still maintaining low latency. Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam was able to join a panel of data center and telecom experts to share his expertise on these topics during this month’s JSA Virtual Round Table.

Moderated by Fedor Smith, the panel included Doug Recker, Founder & President, EdgePresence, Mark Thiele, CEO & Founder, Edgevana, Jason Bourg, Vice President of Sales, EdgeMicro, Krystyna Witt, Director, Solutions Architect, EdgeConneX, and Hugh Carspecken, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, DartPoints.

Panelists discussed what they have seen as large demand-drivers for edge data centers. Solutions that required large amounts of data and low latency such as healthcare data analytics, security for remote applications, and virtual reality solutions were discussed. 5G deployment and digitalization were also noted to be driving factors. Many speakers noted that largely their clients are dictating the demand for where they need most computing power, and topics such as sustainability and other future initiatives that may affect the market were also discussed.

When it comes to driving demand, Cushing noted, “What we’re hearing from our clients is that data has gravity. They’re deploying different applications, new ways to communicate, new structures, but the gravity is what forces them to the edge, and they have to look for solutions.”

What the panel in its entirety below. To learn more about JSA Virtual Round Tables, click here.