One of the most exciting things about working and driving connectivity at the edge is the constant progress we see — not only for 1623 Farnam’s own initiatives, but for our partners’ as well. Arvig, a provider of high-speed internet and more to businesses and homes, is one of those partners that we have been so pleased to support on its growth trajectory.

Currently connected to 18 data centers across the Midwest, Arvig is on a mission to constantly expand its network reach to support a growing number of customers and their digital communications requirements. To do so, they’re always looking to develop their data center fabric by building strategic connections. As a regional leader in network-neutral interconnection, these goals were a natural fit for the 1623 ecosystem — and thus, a partnership paving the way for that ongoing success was born.

Today, business success is truly about connectivity. 1623 Farnam, optimally located in the heart of the U.S. to offer local, regional, national and international reach, is where connectivity lives. Furthermore, residing at the edge of the network, the need for this geographic location to support next-gen service provisioning is on a strong upswing. Beyond service offerings, however, the heart of building out IT capabilities and network reach is still about person-to-person relationships — and this proved to be the secret to an ideal solution for Arvig.

“One of Arvig’s MOs is ‘be easy to do business with’, and that’s exactly how I would describe this relationship with [the 1623 team],” comments Brett Christiansen, Engineering Manager of Arvig. “It’s a positive partnership is what it really is. What that allows us to do is set up a network-to-network interface (NNI)… and if it’s a hospital in Omaha that has a connection to a hospital in Minneapolis or Rochester, we’re [now] here to do business with those guys.”

Just as Arvig leverages this data center as its home in the Midwest, we look forward to welcoming others to our ecosystem, growing together through strategic partnerships.

To learn more about Arvig and 1623, please view this case study video in its entirety below or download our case study: