Here in Omaha, we know that location matters. As an edge data center in Omaha, the center of the USA, we are the backbone of the internet. Our recent feature in Telecom Ramblings is all about the advantages of our central location and our own Todd Cushing, explains what’s cool about Omaha, along with some lesser-known facts about our great midwest location.

As Todd explains, “Omaha is a massive interconnection point for cloud, service, content providers and carriers. It’s located close to Google’s largest North American cloud node and is in close proximity to a Facebook hyperscale facility.”

Content companies, ISPs, communications companies, government and educational facilities can all take advantage of our high concentration of low-latency connectivity and the Omaha IX exchange. By peering with one another, you can lower costs, improve network latency and improve security. And by lowering the cost of transporting traffic across third-party connections, you will need less bandwidth, can share traffic routes and avoid delays of sending traffic to routes outside of the desired location. The advantages are endless!

Be sure to check out the full article from Telecom Ramblings HERE.