Pipeline Magazine featured 1623 Farnam in its March 2021 Customer Experience issue. President Todd Cushing explains how over the last year especially, organizations have had to made a renewed commitment to the customer experience (CX). Companies across all sectors have had to innovate, reimage, reshape and overall do things in new and unique ways. What were once key differentiators and competitive advantages may have disappeared or lessened, so as Todd explains, it is more important than ever to ensure your company is creating value in this new age. This makes the communication and interaction you have with your customers all the more important.

As we all work to be more competitive and pursue new and disruptive growth strategies, what is one way to truly differentiate? The 1623 Farnam team knows it’s by enriching the customer experience. COVID-19 accelerated companies’ digital transformation, and for 1623 Farnam it also paved the way for our edge data center provider to create more optionality for their clients. Located in the center of the U.S., 1623 Farnam is the nexus of interconnection with over 50 carriers, cloud and service providers.

This year, we’ve worked hard to ensure its customers’ requirements for high capacity, low latency connectivity were addressed and helped them beef up core IT infrastructures to address increased bandwidth needs. We also expanded Omaha IX, the most geographically centered Internet Exchange in the US, so that our clients can lower the cost of transporting traffic across “third-party” connections, therefore requiring less bandwidth. This improves network latency – and, with less hops, can improve security as well. Improving the customer experience is increasingly important to organizations today.

An excellent customer experience is crucial to the 1623 Farnam team. Contact us today to discuss how we can best address your IT and networking requirements.

You can read the full article in Pipeline Magazine HERE.