1623 Farnam made a huge announcement last week, with the deployment of a two-server Megaport node at our edge data center. Our new Vice President of Business Development, Greg Elliott, chatted with JSA TV about the exciting new development.

“It’s a really next-gen carrier”, says Elliott. Besides access to private VXC and many different internet peering exchanges, Megaport provides access to a host of popular global cloud providers. For a business thinking about digital transformation, the addition of Megaport gives that organization the scalability and flexibility to connect to any of those services as needed.  

“Immediately when Megaport turned up in our facility, our customers, our carriers, our content providers are going to have access into a global network of over 350 service providers – instant connections to AWS, SAP, Dell, IBM, Oracle and down the list”, explains Elliott, “It gives any customer at 1623 Farnam to connect into those infrastructure connections globally”. For Elliott, this new addition matches 1623 Farnam’s goals seamlessly: “to give our customers the maximum amount of connections to help them succeed, that’s really what it’s all about.”

What makes the Megaport partnership particularly advantageous is its dual-server configuration, including dual routers and switches. “It’s a unique deployment for the Midwest” mentions Elliott, “It gives our customers an additional layer of redundancy or diversity to protect their workloads. If they’re mission critical workloads it gives them the ability to have that additional redundancy.” 

By eliminating a single path of failure, the double-node provides extra buttressing for increased availability, usability, and performance. If one node becomes unavailable, it’s twin is ready to go at a snap. 1623 Farnam can now work together with clients to decide on – and deliver –  the individual level of protection required. For more information about Megaport as well as other news about recent news at our ever-growing facility, check out Greg’s interview with JSA TV: