Location, location, location.

At 1623 Farnam we think and talk about location a lot. We’re all about it. The reason has a lot to do with our position in the middle of the country. 1623 Farnam Vice President of Sales, Linn Gowen, sat down with JSA TV to discuss why our facility’s central location is such a big deal. “When the fiber networks were first being built across the country years ago, they passed right through Omaha east-west, as well as north-south,” says Gowen, “So we are right in the nexus, if you will, of the fiber backbone. And as more and more fiber facilities have been built they all continue to pass right through Omaha, and most of them connect right into our facility.”

Because of Omaha’s location as a pivot point, many other telecom players started to move in next door. Because of that, we at 1623 Farnam have shifted our approach regarding how we can best serve our clients – involving a rethinking of the facility’s larger purpose. Gowen explains: “Our type of facility, in the past, has been viewed as a colocation facility. We certainly will continue to do colocation but going forward I think our biggest focus is going to be the fact that we are going to help support the migration of cloud companies, of edge providers, and getting their data out, pushed out closer to the edge. We want to bring them closer to their customers where they can interact with it quicker, faster.” This change of mindset, coupled with some exciting new enhancements to the facility, means some exciting new things for the future.