During this time of crisis, we are here to help. Our key priorities are to provide excellent service and support and give our customers the infrastructure, interconnection and connectivity options they need.


With many companies encouraging or requiring people to take part in ‘social distancing’ such as working from home, using telehealth services, ensuring their kids can utilize remote learning options, and overall using more data, there will continue to be an increase in web traffic. 1623 Farnam’s edge data center offers increased ways to shore up network infrastructures, provide access to low latency routes and increase peering options. Our highly interconnected data center in Omaha, Nebraska, is the interconnection point for the country’s largest carriers east/west and north/south routes and is the nexus point between hyperscale cloud providers, carriers and other managed service providers.


We also offer remote hands services for those companies that need extra support during increased work-from-home-mandates. Customers can also open up trouble tickets via our customer portal and instigate Remote Hands requests to leverage our onsite technicians to troubleshoot networks, provision new circuits, perform equipment maintenance, backups and other necessary network infrastructure requirements.


Offering interconnection to over 50 carriers, service providers and cloud providers, along with direct access to the Omaha IX peering exchange, customers can easily interconnect and bolster network routes/access. Recently, we have seen record traffic in our Omaha IX based on data being exchanged at peak traffic times. A presence with us and a peering membership in the exchange creates a central peering point to share your traffic routes, minimize the need to buy new circuits and so much more.

Please contact Linn Gowen at linn.gowen@www.1623farnam.com for more information and to start Peering today.