Let’s imagine a scenario. Your business is looking for a new facility for their interconnection needs, but you’re not exactly sure what you should make sure your new place has. Let’s explore this further, and consider what might drive you to make this decision.

If we zoom out a bit, we can consider what the benefits of edge interconnection are to begin with. Edge interconnection, or edge peering, allows your internet traffic to flow multi-directionally instead of the one-way traffic flows of yesteryear. At the edge, traffic is not going in one direction, it travels in multiple ways all at once. By enabling these multidirectional traffic flows and ultra low latency connections, you can guarantee better performance at a lower cost.

  • Carrier Density  & Neutrality: if the facility you choose to collocate with has a variety of carriers for you to choose from, you have options! Then, you can make an informed decision about which carrier best fits your needs.
  • Ultra Low Latency Access: Lower latency connections mean you can do your business faster and easier, and when you are not paying for long haul transport you’re saving money too! Now, you have lower costs and you can serve your end users better.
  • A dedicated IX: When your interconnection facility has access to a dedicated IX you can acquire more bandwidth at a considerably lower cost. Instead of buying larger circuits, if you become a member of a facility’s dedicated IX, you can gain access to lower latency connections!
  • Location, Location, Location: As the old real estate adage says, location is key! Make sure the facility you choose to do business with is in an ideal location that can provide you connections to all the major cities you need to be in contact with for your business. Pro tip: If you pick a facility not in a major city, you can benefit from more affordable pricing, and still connect to the city of your choice!

There are more aspects to consider, sure, but if you ensure that all of these features are within one facility, conducting your business will be a breeze. If you are thinking, “where can I find such an ideal facility that can serve all of these functions” I have amazing news for you. 1623 Farnam is a state of the art edge interconnection facility located in Omaha, Nebraska that boasts all of these advantageous features and more.

What’s more, today we are creating more data than ever before. From a larger percentage of the workforce telecommuting, to the continued rise of Big Data, you need to be sure that the facility you are partnering with has proper cloud-based edge capabilities. And at 1623 Farnam, our partnerships with Google Cloud Connect, Telia, AWS, MS Azure and other cloud enablers, you can quickly establish the private connections you need. 1623 Farnam’s state of the art edge interconnection facility is your perfect match if your business needs to access cities across the US and requires large quantities of data. We provide reliable, agile, and scalable solutions for our clients, so work with us today!

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