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Is Edge Computing Still Cool?


Where has the edge gone? It seems like only yesterday we were being told by everyone that was anyone in technology and telecommunications that the edge was everywhere — not just in our communities, schools or hospitals, but even in our own pocket. The edge was the word of choice when it came to describing the future of connectivity, bringing with it promises of next-generation use cases and applications. Where is that discussion now?  In truth, the importance of edge computing (and the hype surrounding it) hasn’t gone away. In reality, it’s the opposite. It’s become a solution and connectivity paradigm that is so baked into our current technology maps [...]

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A 2022 Year in Review: Celebrating Industry Evolutions, Ecosystem Upgrades and More


It’s that time of year again when every organization takes a breath to think about what they’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. For businesses in the fast-paced sphere of critical infrastructure, the years always seem particularly jam-packed — and here at 1623 Farnam, we’re proud to say that we have a lot to celebrate this December.  2022 was a momentous year for this edge interconnection facility and internet exchange. We participated in a host of industry discussions, offered a plethora of insights into topics from sustainability to data gravity and beyond — we even accomplished some very exciting upgrades to our connectivity ecosystem. Of course, what matters most is [...]

A 2022 Year in Review: Celebrating Industry Evolutions, Ecosystem Upgrades and More2022-12-19T12:21:37-06:00

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Appears on PTC ‘22 Panel


Industry leaders will discuss critical trends and developments in data centers, connectivity and edge networking Omaha, Neb. – January 11, 2022 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces today that its President, Todd Cushing, will speak on the ‘Data Centers, Connectivity and Edge’ panel at the highly anticipated PTC‘22 ICT conference. The panel session will be moderated by Alexander Ramirez, Managing Director in the Global Communications investment banking group at Citi. As a nationally recognized data center, IT and telecom executive with more than 25 years of experience, Cushing will weigh in with other panelists, who include Giuliano Di Vitantonio, Executive Vice [...]

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Appears on PTC ‘22 Panel2022-01-11T08:32:19-06:00

2022 IT Trends and Perspectives


A new year brings fresh perspectives, new beginnings, bold ideas, and if you are in the telecom and tech industries, you can bet that some remarkable innovations will be coming your way too. Digital transformation strategies amped up last year with no signs of slowing down for the year ahead. Organizations that leverage the best IT strategies will accelerate advantages and increase value for their end-users. In 2022, it will be essential to get creative about how you source your connectivity and assemble the building blocks for your IT infrastructure. Here’s a peek at a few things to consider as you build out your 2022 IT strategies: Robust connectivity is [...]

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The Edge data center: Home of the Metaverse


Major tech players like Microsoft, Zoom, Epic Games and Facebook have made it clear they see huge potential in the metaverse. Even apparel corporations like Nike and Ralph Lauren are willing to invest big money into the idea. With all the attention and excitement, it may seem like the metaverse is just around the corner. However, there are still so many more questions than answers. So, what kind of technological advancements and infrastructure building are we talking about? First, there needs to be hardware – both for users and content creators that doesn’t exist yet. Next up is a need for a significant auxiliary source of processing power that must [...]

The Edge data center: Home of the Metaverse2021-12-08T12:24:15-06:00

Simplicity with Hybrid Multiclouds


Digital transformation is all about a better user experience. New applications, new platforms, network expansions for faster connectivity, and so much more are all part of today’s IT business operations. Even as digital transformation grows and transforms, there’s another factor that’s come into play: more simplicity. But it’s more than wanting “more;” organizations are also looking for less stress. When IT demands are higher than ever, companies are looking to increase their value via technology. Aligning complex systems with a holistic model that aligns all disparate aspects, makes the entire process easier to manage. Hybrid and multicloud solutions are the frontier of digital transformation and cloud computing. Between greater control [...]

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Peering at the Edge


These days, the IT world is talking non-stop about the edge and its numerous advantages. Between lower latency and improved network performance, edge computing is a recipe for success across multiple industries. While the benefits are clear, the infrastructure that makes it work may not be as obvious. In short, peering has been a huge contributor to the evolution of the edge. As digital transformation continues to grow and change, data needs to be available at more endpoints and get through the network as fast as possible. With that level of growth, a single edge data center may no longer be enough...and that’s where peering at the edge comes in. [...]

Peering at the Edge2021-11-10T15:36:02-06:00

1623 Farnam Reveals Omaha IX Peering Exchange


The Internet Exchange is a Vital Part of the 1623 Farnam Edge Data Center Ecosystem Omaha, Neb. – October 27, 2021 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces today the rebrand of its hosted peering exchange, Omaha IX. The rebrand strengthens the ecosystem between the Exchange and the 1623 Farnam facility, and features a new website fortified with information for both existing and prospective customers. The IX has also been upgraded with 100G ports, with plans in place to continue upgrading port speeds and capacities in the first quarter of 2022. Omaha IX is the premier Midwest Internet Exchange strategically located in [...]

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The Digital Map for Data Gravity


With all of the tech advancements and applications that are a part of our global digital economy, it's no surprise that data gravity is reaching astronomical levels. A good example is the Internet of Things (IoT) with applications such as wearables, health monitors and smart grids. It’s essential that the data needed to support those use cases is hosted very close to where the data is generated and stored. New frameworks are needed that cater to an IoT-driven world, and as such a lot of that data gravity has been moving to the cloud.  Whether its a single cloud, multicloud or hybrid cloud solution, the cloud solves for key application [...]

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1623 Farnam Announces Data Center Expansion Grand Opening


The $40 Million Expansion Focuses on Increased Power and Capacity;  A Celebration and Sweeping Panel Presentation Accompanies Data Center Debut  Omaha, NE – September 22, 2021 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral, edge interconnection and data center services, announces the grand opening of its expanded edge data center in Omaha, Nebraska. The $40 million expansion includes significant upgrades to the facility’s electrical power infrastructure and increases colocation capacity by converting this fiber-rich carrier hotel into usable, high quality data center space. In association with the expansion, a grand opening event on September 23, 2021 will feature tours of the facility, a cocktail reception and a question and answer [...]

1623 Farnam Announces Data Center Expansion Grand Opening2021-09-22T08:23:50-05:00
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