It’s that time of year again when every organization takes a breath to think about what they’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. For businesses in the fast-paced sphere of critical infrastructure, the years always seem particularly jam-packed — and here at 1623 Farnam, we’re proud to say that we have a lot to celebrate this December. 

2022 was a momentous year for this edge interconnection facility and internet exchange. We participated in a host of industry discussions, offered a plethora of insights into topics from sustainability to data gravity and beyond — we even accomplished some very exciting upgrades to our connectivity ecosystem. Of course, what matters most is how all of these parts come together to make 1623 an even better, richer, more secure, and advantageous hub for our customers and partners. We’re thankful for the growth we’ve been able to achieve and the results it’s created for those that entrust us with their data and connectivity demands. So, we’ve gathered a few of our 2022 highlights together to take stock of everything that’s happened in this past year.

Here’s to the next 12 months!


Insights from the 1623 Farnam Team

As a trusted interconnection and edge data center partner, we tend to accrue a lot of experience across what’s new and exciting in the technology and data center sphere. As a result, we had a lot to say in 2022 about what’s important for infrastructure selection, the keys to building an ideal connectivity strategy, the best digital transformation assets, and how to optimize your IT. 

Here’s just a few of the top items from our blogs (including resources from our OmahaIX blog) in 2022:  


A View into Industry Discourse — What Did We Discuss This Year?

We’re certainly no strangers to the speaking circuit, and in 2022, we had the honor of contributing to a number of webinars, fireside chats, panels, and more alongside distinguished peers. This year, we were excited to collaborate with partners like Great Plains Communications and PacketFabric, as well as outlets like The Fast Mode, PTC, Techopedia, EdgeIR, and more, to deliver the best and most game-changing tips to the industry. 

Certainly, the conversations that define the critical infrastructure industry are changing, and the customer requirements they’re helping to meet are evolving as well. We’re always thrilled to be a part of those conversations, and we’re looking forward to seeing what topics 2023 brings to the table. 

Here’s a few of our favorite chats from the past 12 months, beginning with an outlook on 2022 from the very start of this year:


Spotlighting our Ecosystem, Facility — and our Hometown 

If you know anything about 1623 Farnam, you probably know how proud we are of our hometown of Omaha. Our strategic location here in the middle of the country is what sets us on an ideal foundation to deliver robust, opportunity-rich interconnection on local, regional, national, and global scales. Of course, our own ecosystem is also what makes us so special, and we’re happy to say that our peers and partners agree. That’s why we’re able to continue expanding and offering even more content and interconnection options, helping everyone at 1623 Farnam benefit from truly optimized networking. 

Cheers to making digital transformations easier with our cultivated data gravity and the low latencies, fast speeds, and geographic reach it brings. Ultimately, we’re proud to say that when our ecosystem calls us to action, we always respond with results — and this long list of expansions and partnerships is proof of that commitment. (Don’t miss our customer survey at the top of this list for some insights into what makes our ecosystem stand out from the rest.) 


Celebrating Together

Of course, one of the very highest points of our year is any time we get to talk to our colleagues, customers and beyond — and one of our favorite times to do that is at our Meet in the Middle event. This year was exceptional, delivering happy hours, scavenger hunts, golfing galore, and of course lots of handshaking and merrymaking. 

Being part of this community and the industry at large is why we do what we do, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a member of this group of game-changing leaders and luminaries. So, with that, we conclude yet another exciting, innovative year with well-wishes and congratulations all around. 

Here’s to a happy holiday, a better-than-ever 2023 — and beyond!