1623 Farnam’s Bill Severn Shares New Year Predictions for Infrastructure and Sustainability on Industry Roundtable


Bill Severn, EVP of 1623 Farnam, recently presented as a panelist for an industry discussion on sustainability trends in network infrastructure looking ahead to 2024, alongside other luminaries from Hitachi Energy and Equus Compute Solutions. The panel, moderated by Robert Powell of Telecom Ramblings, discussed a number of topics relevant to the entire industry approaching the New Year, including opportunities for future innovation, expectations for 2024 and keeping pace with new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. As advanced, power-hungry and connectivity-dependent applications like AI and ML approach on a more rapid timeline than anticipated, where are organizations sourcing their interconnection resources? Where are they finding their powerful infrastructure? [...]

1623 Farnam’s Bill Severn Shares New Year Predictions for Infrastructure and Sustainability on Industry Roundtable2023-12-08T14:33:11-06:00

With Data Center Sustainability, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


There’s a lot of ground to cover in order to make data centers sustainable. This power-intensive industry deals with mission-critical, increasingly dense, and power-hungry deployments and applications — but impacts on the environment must be reduced. Collectively, the world of critical infrastructure is always looking to make these two realities reconcilable. However, in order for progress to be made, each and every data center provider must take on personal responsibility to make its data center environment as green as possible. So, let’s talk about how 1623 is taking responsibility for the progression of sustainable IT right here in the Omaha, Nebraska metro. Giving Green the Cool Factor Every data center [...]

With Data Center Sustainability, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work2022-11-04T10:27:39-05:00

Data Center Certifications: Understanding the Language of Compliance


Data centers are crucial parts of any robust IT framework — and that means they need to be able to reliably keep up with changing regulations and demands across security, sustainability and other mission-critical metrics. The best way to measure these metrics is with standardized certifications. This allows potential data center customers to know exactly how individual facilities hold up best practices and to easily compare data centers and their operators with competitors. These certifications serve as benchmarks — but they do evolve as industry standards change. Here’s a look at some key certifications and why you should be aware of them during your data center procurement. SOC One of [...]

Data Center Certifications: Understanding the Language of Compliance2022-04-06T11:29:04-05:00

Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference


Sustainability has been a hot button topic in the data center industry as of late, and for good reason. Data centers utilize a large amount of resources, including power and water, to carry out operations in the facility, and as a result can generate large amounts of emissions. As our communities and the world continue to generate mass amounts of data and connectivity demands only soar higher, we are likely  to  keep adding to these environmental impacts. So, how do we continue to grow without increasing emissions or depleting resources? Luckily, there are solutions we can take advantage of. It’s Cool, Man Cooling uses a lot of power, but it [...]

Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference2021-10-29T12:04:40-05:00
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