Why Interconnection Facilities Are Economic Catalysts


IT infrastructure is a core part of our global economies and business operations — but interconnection facilities take these benefits one (or many) steps further. In fact, much like how data centers support regional economies, create jobs, drive investment and generate supply and demand for new services, interconnection facilities offer all of these same advantages on a wider scale.  To spread the word, our CEO and President, Bill Severn, recently shared an article about the 6 major ways interconnection facilities build better economies — and here’s a recap of his insights. How Interconnection Does Good  While data centers focus on being secure, reliable houses for IT, interconnection facilities combine dedicated [...]

Why Interconnection Facilities Are Economic Catalysts2024-07-11T13:11:12-05:00

New Peers, New Opportunities: A Peek into the IX Ecosystem


Since the dawn of the internet’s astounding connection capabilities, the world has opened up in new and previously unimaginable ways, paving new inroads for innovation and collaboration. Yet, since the advent of this world wide web, it’s had its foibles too. Yes, the internet and the connectivity that creates it is full of eccentricities (and in worse cases, pitfalls) that seem to intensify as demands on connections grow. A perfect digital world is unattainable — but what is the closest you can get to having control in an unpredictable world? How close can an organization get to perfect interconnection?   We think it’s safe to say that for those ideal outcomes, [...]

New Peers, New Opportunities: A Peek into the IX Ecosystem2024-04-30T09:59:16-05:00

1623 Farnam Deploys Three New Generators, Adding 3MW of Power to Support Expanding Hyperscale Peering and Colocation Demands


1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, is excited to announce the completion of its generator deployment project. This deployment, which began in June 2022 with the design of the custom noise-canceling enclosures, now ensures the rich hyperscale connectivity and peering ecosystem at 1623 Farnam can benefit from three additional megawatts of usable power. 1623 Farnam has been experiencing ongoing expansion within its high-value hyperscale peering ecosystem. The ecosystem, which features major technology leaders and robust regional hyperscale construction is also demonstrating increased demands for robust connectivity from more than 60 carriers. This data center and IX site sits in a strategic, centralized spot [...]

1623 Farnam Deploys Three New Generators, Adding 3MW of Power to Support Expanding Hyperscale Peering and Colocation Demands2024-01-09T08:23:57-06:00

New Omaha IX Video Podcast Series Aims To Demystify Peering


We’re not shy when it comes to shouting out 1623 Farnam’s biggest assets. Being centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska, in the middle of the U.S. (and at the confluence of major fiber lines) automatically gives our carrier-neutral, 80,000-square-foot data center distinct connectivity advantages — but we don’t stop there. At our interconnection facility, we know the power of connectivity, which is why we’ve built a robust ecosystem that includes 60 carriers — and a whole lot more. A major part of that ecosystem is Omaha IX, our privately owned and managed on-site Internet Exchange. Many of our partners, including ISPs, carriers and content providers, have leveraged peering at the Omaha [...]

New Omaha IX Video Podcast Series Aims To Demystify Peering2023-10-05T15:27:45-05:00

Network News: Doing More Than Shaking Hands at the Midwest Peering Summit


Networking is a key term for businesses for a host of reasons — and between the two meanings of the term, this word can encompass some of the most vital to-dos for today’s IT-driven organizations. Of course, whether it’s learning more about connectivity and data management, or facilitating the growth of your network of peers, there’s no better place to accomplish it all than on the event circuit.  Meeting in the Midwest Our team was thrilled to once again join our friends, partners and industry peers at the Midwest Peering Summit, where our Executive Vice President, Bill Severn and VPs of Business Development, Greg Elliott and Matt Reed, joined the [...]

Network News: Doing More Than Shaking Hands at the Midwest Peering Summit2023-08-24T14:54:12-05:00

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering


 Did you know that, as part of our next-level cloud, colocation and connectivity ecosystem here at 1623 Farnam, we also have an on-site IX: Omaha IX? Let us introduce you to why exchanges like this are key for digital transformation. Let’s set the stage: It’s 1991. The World Wide Web just sprang to life, Terminator 2 is in theaters — obviously, the world is changing. In the early 90s, life looked a lot different, and so did connectivity. As the world sought to be more interconnected, it became clear that a new kind of infrastructure would be needed to empower the new kind of ‘online’ traffic that was being generated. [...]

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering2023-08-01T15:31:05-05:00

Hyperscalers Double Down at 1623 Farnam’s On-Site Internet Exchange


1623 Farnam’s on-site internet exchange, Omaha IX, received a resounding vote of confidence from major hyperscalers, including Microsoft, Qwilt and Meta.  New additions and recent expansions by existing partners underscore Omaha IX’s role as a significant IT and connectivity enabler for mission-critical use cases and applications. Microsoft Community Cache and Qwilt are the newest members of the premier Midwest IX, having secured 20G and 100G peering capacities, respectively. This comes as existing peers such as Meta and Akamai expand their presence, with a host of organizations boosting their ports from 20G to 100G — or even from 400G to 600G. IX participants expanding capacity also include Kansas Fiber Networks, Great [...]

Hyperscalers Double Down at 1623 Farnam’s On-Site Internet Exchange2023-07-25T11:02:18-05:00

Peering at the Edge


These days, the IT world is talking non-stop about the edge and its numerous advantages. Between lower latency and improved network performance, edge computing is a recipe for success across multiple industries. While the benefits are clear, the infrastructure that makes it work may not be as obvious. In short, peering has been a huge contributor to the evolution of the edge. As digital transformation continues to grow and change, data needs to be available at more endpoints and get through the network as fast as possible. With that level of growth, a single edge data center may no longer be enough...and that’s where peering at the edge comes in. [...]

Peering at the Edge2021-11-10T15:36:02-06:00

Peering 101 – What is peering, anyway?


Want to learn more about peering? Here’s a quick run down of the key aspects and benefits. What is peering, anyway? Sometimes called network peering or internet peering, peering at its most basic definition is when networks interconnect, allowing them to exchange traffic. At its core, it is about the transmitting and sharing of data. With a typical internet connection – what’s called a transit connection – network operators (or end users) purchase the connection from someone else and pay to have their network traffic carried for them. In a peering setup, there are no third parties and no additional charges beyond the costs associated with powering the necessary routers [...]

Peering 101 – What is peering, anyway?2021-04-15T18:15:46-05:00
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