Networking is a key term for businesses for a host of reasons — and between the two meanings of the term, this word can encompass some of the most vital to-dos for today’s IT-driven organizations. Of course, whether it’s learning more about connectivity and data management, or facilitating the growth of your network of peers, there’s no better place to accomplish it all than on the event circuit. 

Meeting in the Midwest

Our team was thrilled to once again join our friends, partners and industry peers at the Midwest Peering Summit, where our Executive Vice President, Bill Severn and VPs of Business Development, Greg Elliott and Matt Reed, joined the discussions. From the Major Market Roundtable on network development to the session titled ‘Interconnection for Fun, Profit and Savings’, it was clear that everyone had connectivity on the brain. 

Of course, it’s no secret why facilitating robust networks and dense interconnection is a key topic for growing and innovating regional businesses — it’s this effort that is at the core of successful digital transformation. Whether connecting to platforms, clouds, data centers or business locations, interconnection and networking as the foundation that empowers growth, efficiency, ease of management, speed and a whole lot more mission-critical must-haves. 

The News on Networking

As interconnection specialists, edge connectivity experts and trusted network partners, our team here at 1623 Farnam can attest to the fact that there’s never been a better time to optimize underlying connectivity than right now. From joining an IX (like our on-site exchange Omaha IX), to bettering cloud use with connections to strategic cloud partnerships to improving support for next-gen AI or gaming applications at the edge, keeping a keen eye on connectivity (and how to enrich it) is paramount. 

At the end of the day, latency matters, speed is king, and high-quality service is necessary for keeping customer experiences fulfilling and exciting. None of that can be accomplished without the right network-building strategy. Still, we know that having the right expertise on hand isn’t always possible — which is why we’re proud to serve as a connectivity ally. 

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