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Three Industries Where the Cloud Made Operations More Agile


We’ve all heard of the proverbial Jack being nimble and quick – and if Jack were one of today’s IT decision-makers, it’s clear that his tool of choice to jump over the candlestick (achieve digital transformation goals) would be the cloud.  In today’s business climate, agility means being able to rise above challenges, meet the needs of your customers, and easily pivot when the time comes. Remember when the global pandemic shut the world down in March 2020? Many businesses survived because they were able to shift with the sudden dramatic change in how people did business. Restaurants opened up dining areas on makeshift patios and closed roads. Grocery stores [...]

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Why are Data Centers Becoming Cloud Nexus Points?


In “Back to the Future II,” protagonist Marty McFly finds his future self and family living in a fanciful home where his son asks the kitchen to bring him fruit and future Marty connects with his boss on a video call in the year 2015. The prognosticators behind the film didn’t get everything right (future Marty still gets faxes, after all), but many of the elements imagined when the movie was written over three decades ago have come to fruition. The smart home and appliances or communications and video gaming devices depicted in the past’s most idealized dreams for the future aren’t a far cry from many of the things [...]

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The Triple Threat: Finding the Right Destination For Your Content and Cloud Ecosystem


1623 Farnam is a triple threat when it comes to data centers.  Our carrier-neutral, 80,000-square-foot facility in Omaha, Nebraska, is the go-to spot for a rich ecosystem that spans content and the cloud capabilities. Bill Severn, our Executive Vice President, discussed some of our interconnection hub and edge data center features with JSA TV during Metro Connect 2023. Ecosystem: We have 53 carriers in our building, positioning us to meet any business’ needs, from providing a low latency route, to carrier diversity, to redundancy and more. In addition to our Omaha IX, we continue to build a thriving ecosystem to meet ever expanding needs.  Content: As content needs move closer [...]

The Triple Threat: Finding the Right Destination For Your Content and Cloud Ecosystem2023-02-17T12:47:44-06:00

The Hybrid and Multicloud Must-Have: Building a Well-Founded Ecosystem


2023 is being hailed as the year of the cloud — or at least, much like the years that came before it, a year in which cloud usage will continue to evolve and contribute to a growing share of an organization’s resources and success. Toward the end of 2022, Forbes noted that multicloud will continue to be an in-demand strategy, citing reports that showed how 84% of mid-to-large companies stated a goal of adopting a multi-cloud strategy by 2023. In the same timeframe, Gartner revealed that new spending was continuing to shift to cloud options, as evidenced by an 11.3% projected growth for software spending in 2023.  A continuation of [...]

The Hybrid and Multicloud Must-Have: Building a Well-Founded Ecosystem2023-02-16T14:11:55-06:00

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges


By now, you’ve heard how a good multicloud strategy can help your business and address a plethora of IT challenges. But what about the challenges that come along with the deployment of multicloud itself? If you want to be sure that you are experiencing the full benefits of your multicloud strategy, make sure you’re prepared for these four common challenges. Low Costs, If You’re Strategic We’ve shared how implementing a multicloud strategy to support your IT infrastructure can help you lower your costs — but to do so, your strategy must be deployed strategically. Leveraging multiple clouds to support your various workloads can be less expensive than adding servers or [...]

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges2021-08-18T13:59:05-05:00

Top 5 Benefits of the Hybrid Multicloud


The multicloud has quickly become a staple for enterprises, with 94% operating in hybrid environments, and 67% of those utilizing a mix of cloud providers. As the multicloud has gained significant popularity, there’s no better time to start to consider your own strategy. If you’re just hearing this term for the first time, multicloud is when you use multiple cloud providers concurrently. On top of that, there’s the hybrid multicloud, where businesses use a mix of private and public cloud providers to achieve their specific goals. There are a lot of benefits to employing a hybrid multicloud strategy, such as the following: Put the Workloads in the Right Place If [...]

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