Once, taking workloads to the edge was considered the new frontier of IT advantage — a wild west where only the bold and pioneering set up camp. Now that adoption has ramped up as the benefits of edge computing are more well known, the question becomes: If everyone is doing it, is there really anything left to talk about?

Definitely. Without a doubt.

IT demands are making edge computing even more important than ever for all of the right reasons. Ultra low latency, improved network performance are all in service of the new era of digital initiatives.  While it may be becoming the standard, it doesn’t mean it’s any less important or innovative than in the past.

We know that there are multiple applications currently in development that will rely on the edge…and could possibly change the whole world in the process. One of the most exciting (maybe even underrated) technologies is that of augmented and virtual reality. Beyond gaming and entertainment, AR/VR technology has the potential to add data-driven information and additional visibility into an already existing business process and so much more.

The edge can help the world technologically advance, even if its no longer a buzzword and has become the industry standard. Check out what we mean in this recent article by Greg Elliott, VP of Business Development, on The Fast Mode.