You’ve probably heard the term “Multicloud” tossed around here and there, but how comfortable are you with the meaning? Do you have a deep understanding of how to successfully implement a multicloud strategy in a way that will actually improve your business? If not, we’ve got you covered. 1623 Farnam hosted an informative and fascinating webinar in partnership with Google Cloud, Megaport and Qwinix to answer these questions and more. 

Multicloud Tips and Tricks

These three leading cloud providers offered insights, tips and tricks on developing a practical and effective multicloud strategy for businesses looking to diversify their approach to the cloud. Experts took a deep dive into explaining how all of their platforms can work together to create an effective and scalable cloud strategy. The group finished by answering some burning questions from our attendees to ensure they stepped away with a clearer understanding of how to successfully connect and interconnect applications between all three providers with ease.

You can watch the full presentation here, or below!