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Why Interconnection Facilities Are Economic Catalysts


IT infrastructure is a core part of our global economies and business operations — but interconnection facilities take these benefits one (or many) steps further. In fact, much like how data centers support regional economies, create jobs, drive investment and generate supply and demand for new services, interconnection facilities offer all of these same advantages on a wider scale.  To spread the word, our CEO and President, Bill Severn, recently shared an article about the 6 major ways interconnection facilities build better economies — and here’s a recap of his insights. How Interconnection Does Good  While data centers focus on being secure, reliable houses for IT, interconnection facilities combine dedicated [...]

Why Interconnection Facilities Are Economic Catalysts2024-07-11T13:11:12-05:00

The Death of ‘Fly-Over’ Data Hubs: How Data Center Capacity Pushes for New Horizons


As stories about AI, ML, HPC and the like continue to flood our news and social channels, this will come as a shock to no one: Data center absorption is up. Now, it seems like space and power is snapped up about as soon as it can be deployed thanks to the race to carve out space in the next era of intelligent tech.  In fact, CBRE’s 2024 Global Data Center Investor Intentions report notes that this rapid uptake is made even more complicated by power distribution constraints and supply chain delays for transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical components. Not to mention, long construction timelines are adding pressure too. [...]

The Death of ‘Fly-Over’ Data Hubs: How Data Center Capacity Pushes for New Horizons2024-06-13T09:27:17-05:00

Get the Inside Scoop on Interconnection and Capacity from Our President and CEO


Those that have been keeping up with our recent content know that we’re particularly interested in the industry dynamics and challenges around capacity. In an AI-dominated world with power-hungry applications and huge capacity demands, where and how are data centers sourcing these mission-critical resources? Furthermore, as businesses become more mobile and agile, and as footprints grow and new endpoints must be reached, the role of interconnection has become equally as critical. How can organizations find their rich connectivity hubs — and how can providers deliver ecosystems that unlock new value for peers? (To learn more about these two topics, don’t miss our recent blogs: New Peers, New Opportunities and Data [...]

Get the Inside Scoop on Interconnection and Capacity from Our President and CEO2024-05-23T10:58:02-05:00

AI, ML and More Are Losing Out in Capacity Shortages


There’s no denying that advanced applications like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing are having their heyday. Groundbreaking use cases from these intelligent platforms are enabling businesses and teams around the world to enhance resilience with predictive maintenance, personalize customer experience and a whole lot more. Within this single article alone, we see IBM outline a whole new world of opportunities for healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and beyond — but there’s another side to this coin.  The ‘AI’s resource demands are huge’ discussion is nothing new. In fact, the staggering data, energy and space demands created by generative AI and these other innovative systems have become somewhat of a [...]

AI, ML and More Are Losing Out in Capacity Shortages2024-05-09T10:41:15-05:00

Data Center Gridlock: Power and Where to Source it


Around every corner of today’s data center market, statements about capacity shortages and a lack of available power abound. Those in the know have noted that, despite banner years of data center growth, a lack of space and power will likely constrain the future. At the same time, this challenge is only being exacerbated by new, compute-intensive applications from AI, which continues to grow at an astounding rate, gobbling up more capacity than ever before. In fact, the advent and adoption of generative AI is expected to catalyze a massive rise in global electricity consumption in the near future — estimates showed an increase of 60% just by 2023. The [...]

Data Center Gridlock: Power and Where to Source it2024-04-08T16:55:34-05:00

1623 Farnam’s Eric Flock Appointed as VP of Infrastructure and Facility


Shortly following 1623 Farnam’s recent news regarding the appointment of Bill Severn as CEO and President, the company is eager to share yet another strategic leadership announcement: Eric Flock has been promoted to Vice President of Infrastructure and Facility. Originally serving as 1623 Farnam’s Operations Manager, Flock joined the team back in 2015. Since then he has not only brought extensive knowledge and expertise of the wider telecommunications and data center industry to the team, but also cultivated a deep understanding of 1623’s own operations and growth trajectory. These assets and experiences position him well for success in his new role. Leveraging more than 15 years of experience in critical [...]

1623 Farnam’s Eric Flock Appointed as VP of Infrastructure and Facility2024-01-30T12:27:45-06:00

1623 Farnam Appoints Bill Severn as CEO and President


1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces the appointment of Bill Severn to the position of CEO and President of the organization. As a long-time industry leader, Severn has played a key role in 1623 Farnam’s technological acceleration and ongoing growth since 2019 as Operating Partner for parent company BERKS Group. Most recently, Severn spearheaded a 3MW power deployment, expanding capacity at 1623 Farnam to support advanced hyperscale peering and colocation demands today and in the future. “I’ve had the pleasure of working within and supporting the 1623 Farnam ecosystem for more than five years now, and I am proud to take on [...]

1623 Farnam Appoints Bill Severn as CEO and President2024-01-17T09:29:35-06:00

Meet in the Middle 2023: A Recap


If we had to pick, we’d say that the term ‘ecosystem’ is probably one of the most-used words in our vocabulary — followed closely by partners, customers and peers. So, with more than 100 participants representing 61 companies, we knew the Meet in the Middle event would add value to all. There’s a reason we focus so much on the web of connections and collaborations we’ve built here in Omaha, and it’s because of the value they continue to drive for our entire roster of innovative organizations. From our data center halls to our IX ports, our ecosystem is what we’re most proud of — which is why we look [...]

Meet in the Middle 2023: A Recap2023-10-05T15:14:22-05:00

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering


 Did you know that, as part of our next-level cloud, colocation and connectivity ecosystem here at 1623 Farnam, we also have an on-site IX: Omaha IX? Let us introduce you to why exchanges like this are key for digital transformation. Let’s set the stage: It’s 1991. The World Wide Web just sprang to life, Terminator 2 is in theaters — obviously, the world is changing. In the early 90s, life looked a lot different, and so did connectivity. As the world sought to be more interconnected, it became clear that a new kind of infrastructure would be needed to empower the new kind of ‘online’ traffic that was being generated. [...]

From NAPs to IXPs: A History of Peering2023-08-01T15:31:05-05:00

1623 Farnam Welcomes Vyve Broadband to Connectivity Ecosystem


1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces that Vyve Broadband, a Multiple-System Operator (MSO) providing residential and commercial data, voice, and video service to rural communities, is now the newest network in the 1623 Farnam connectivity ecosystem. The new Vyve Broadband PoP ensures close connections to customers in the Midwest and enriches connectivity options for tenants at 1623 Farnam. “1623 Farnam is a major interconnection point for the region, and being a part of their rich ecosystem benefits all involved. Not only do we get to significantly expand and improve our own connectivity options, but our customers and communities get even more access [...]

1623 Farnam Welcomes Vyve Broadband to Connectivity Ecosystem2023-08-01T13:13:58-05:00
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