Let’s Bring the World Together

As a leading-edge interconnection point, 1623 Farnam is dedicated to making the world a more densely connected and strategically technology-enabled place. Of course, we know an aggressive goal like that takes strong partnership, collaboration and reciprocity. That’s why, through our partner program, we’re looking to bring our secure cloud onramps and hybrid/multi-cloud expertise, rich connectivity ecosystem and low-latency benefits, robust colocation solutions and more to a growing number of organizations.

Plus, with our extensive and rapidly expanding ecosystem of high-value peers, partners and platforms, we want to make sure we’re always bringing an array of highly advantageous technology options and service solutions to them.

By making 1623 Farnam’s cloud, connectivity and edge advantages part of your service offering, your customers will be perfectly poised to support their growth and digital transformation goals — wherever those may take them — and vice versa. This means, together, we can:

● Expand your revenue opportunities
● Enhance your brand awareness
● Gain access to new customers and target markets
● Grow your role as a trusted technology partner and customer ally
● Sell more with less effort through indirect sales

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s collaborate.

To learn more about our services and solutions, you can check out information on our edge data center here, see our carrier ecosystem here, view our peers and traffic stats at our on-site Omaha IX here, or check out our cloud connections and partners under our cloud tab.