Arvig: A Success Story from the 1623 Farnam Ecosystem


One of the most exciting things about working and driving connectivity at the edge is the constant progress we see — not only for 1623 Farnam’s own initiatives, but for our partners’ as well. Arvig, a provider of high-speed internet and more to businesses and homes, is one of those partners that we have been so pleased to support on its growth trajectory. Currently connected to 18 data centers across the Midwest, Arvig is on a mission to constantly expand its network reach to support a growing number of customers and their digital communications requirements. To do so, they’re always looking to develop their data center fabric by building strategic [...]

Arvig: A Success Story from the 1623 Farnam Ecosystem2021-05-05T09:51:34-05:00

Earth Day and the Data Center: Building a Better Future


Despite data centers being vital parts of our digital landscape, it’s an unavoidable truth that these facilities can negatively impact our environment. Today, global demand for new applications and technologies is growing in tandem with worldwide climate concerns. This means that striking a balance between two seemingly opposing forces is a task our industry must undertake. Data centers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, their energy usage and greenhouse emissions must be reconciled with the pursuit of a greener future. This now means that sustainability must be part of every data center provider’s mission. Making A Difference At 1623 Farnam, we are committed to creating a more sustainable data center [...]

Earth Day and the Data Center: Building a Better Future2021-04-22T09:33:56-05:00

Top 5 Benefits of the Hybrid Multicloud


The multicloud has quickly become a staple for enterprises, with 94% operating in hybrid environments, and 67% of those utilizing a mix of cloud providers. As the multicloud has gained significant popularity, there’s no better time to start to consider your own strategy. If you’re just hearing this term for the first time, multicloud is when you use multiple cloud providers concurrently. On top of that, there’s the hybrid multicloud, where businesses use a mix of private and public cloud providers to achieve their specific goals. There are a lot of benefits to employing a hybrid multicloud strategy, such as the following: Put the Workloads in the Right Place If [...]

Top 5 Benefits of the Hybrid Multicloud2021-05-03T14:36:38-05:00

Game Engines And The Cutting Edge of Gaming 


Virtual reality and augmented reality games and experiences represent a horizon approaching closer every day. There are several parties involved, including content delivery networks and game developers. The bandwidth needs are huge, and to solve the ping issues gaming engines must be hosted in multiple edge locations. To understand why, let’s dive into the world of game engines and how they relate to latency.  The Rise of Game Engines Today’s rich, interactive video experience is made possible by advanced game engines – software environments that provide the architecture with which developers create and run games, rendering images on the fly in response to the movements of the user. One of [...]

Game Engines And The Cutting Edge of Gaming 2021-05-03T14:17:31-05:00

Peering 101 – What is peering, anyway?


Want to learn more about peering? Here’s a quick run down of the key aspects and benefits. What is peering, anyway? Sometimes called network peering or internet peering, peering at its most basic definition is when networks interconnect, allowing them to exchange traffic. At its core, it is about the transmitting and sharing of data. With a typical internet connection – what’s called a transit connection – network operators (or end users) purchase the connection from someone else and pay to have their network traffic carried for them. In a peering setup, there are no third parties and no additional charges beyond the costs associated with powering the necessary routers [...]

Peering 101 – What is peering, anyway?2021-04-15T18:15:46-05:00

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 1623


At Metro Connect 2021, Greg Elliott was honored to meet up with Jaymie Scott Cutaia, CEO of JSA to dish on the latest 1623 Farnam developments. The two had no shortage of topics to cover as there is a lot going on at 1623! Greg shared the latest on the $40M expansion which is making the facility a cutting edge data center with new cooling and power infrastructure. Greg continued, “along with nine floors, 8MW of capacity and it already has 50 carriers - that’s awesome  - coupled with the hyperscaler activity in the area, it’s a great spot to be in.” As an interconnected ecosystem, Greg explained how our [...]

Metro Connect 2021: The Heart and Soul of 16232021-03-11T08:50:41-06:00

Multicloud De-Mystified with Help from Google Cloud, Megaport and Qwinix


You’ve probably heard the term “Multicloud” tossed around here and there, but how comfortable are you with the meaning? Do you have a deep understanding of how to successfully implement a multicloud strategy in a way that will actually improve your business? If not, we’ve got you covered. 1623 Farnam hosted an informative and fascinating webinar in partnership with Google Cloud, Megaport and Qwinix to answer these questions and more.  Multicloud Tips and Tricks These three leading cloud providers offered insights, tips and tricks on developing a practical and effective multicloud strategy for businesses looking to diversify their approach to the cloud. Experts took a deep dive into explaining how [...]

Multicloud De-Mystified with Help from Google Cloud, Megaport and Qwinix2021-06-16T15:44:07-05:00

It May Be Winter, But Omaha is Hot (with Innovation): Todd Cushing Joins Data Movers Podcast


Looking for Warren Buffett? Todd Cushing will tell you to keep an eye out for him enjoying a hot fudge sundae at Gorat’s in Omaha, Nebraska. But that’s the least of the exciting activities in Omaha he discussed in JSA’s latest episode of Data Movers. Todd sat down with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, Founder and CEO of JSA, and Evan Kirstel, top B2B social media influencer, for their podcast series Data Movers, where they speak with the industry’s top influencers and thought leaders to discuss their experience, insights, and how they got to where they are today in their careers. You may be surprised to hear this, but these days Omaha [...]

It May Be Winter, But Omaha is Hot (with Innovation): Todd Cushing Joins Data Movers Podcast2021-06-16T15:33:07-05:00

PTC’21: Greg Elliott Talks to JSA TV about What’s Hot at 1623 Farnam for 2021


While we’d all prefer to be at the “must attend” annual PTC conference in person in Hawaii, missing out on the virtual edition was surely not an option according to our very own Greg Elliott. From fiber builds to a 5G lab, there’s a lot to be excited about at 1623 Farnam in 2021.  With level five commissioning in progress on our $40 million expansion, customers can expect greatly expanded power and cooling capabilities along with the addition of more carriers and fiber vaults. And when it comes to fiber, our location is perfect. Located in the middle of the country, our facility is at the nexus of the country’s [...]

PTC’21: Greg Elliott Talks to JSA TV about What’s Hot at 1623 Farnam for 20212021-06-16T15:29:53-05:00

The Edge Ecosystem in 2021


Trends for the year ahead for Data Centers and Beyond The beginning of a new year is always exciting. Industry experts begin to gauge which of their predictions look like they might become a reality, and which may take some more time to develop. This year in particular is an interesting one, as we can start to take stock of some of the shifting trajectories the pandemic introduced in 2020. As we journey forward into a new year, what will 2021 bring? Here are some trends we expect to see as ones to watch. Content is Still King But Revamping Network Architectures Reigns Supreme CDNs are driving major demand for [...]

The Edge Ecosystem in 20212021-02-02T16:37:20-06:00
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