Data Center Certifications: Understanding the Language of Compliance


Data centers are crucial parts of any robust IT framework — and that means they need to be able to reliably keep up with changing regulations and demands across security, sustainability and other mission-critical metrics. The best way to measure these metrics is with standardized certifications. This allows potential data center customers to know exactly how individual facilities hold up best practices and to easily compare data centers and their operators with competitors. These certifications serve as benchmarks — but they do evolve as industry standards change. Here’s a look at some key certifications and why you should be aware of them during your data center procurement. SOC One of [...]

Data Center Certifications: Understanding the Language of Compliance2022-04-06T11:29:04-05:00

The 5G Future Looks Bright


2022, and the years beyond, will bring great strides in 5G technology enablement. With more 5G devices coming our way and more comprehensive 5G network build outs by global operators, the globe will enjoy incredible speeds and a higher quality of service. So, what’s on the horizon this year for this major tech disruptor? Well, we can expect to see multi-Gbps home connections, 5G-enabled laptops, and lightning-fast devices supporting speeds of 300Mbps+. Also, if you have a new smartphone or are in the market for one such as the iPhone 12/13 series, Samsung Galaxy or Motorola, chances are that it will be 5G-enabled. According to the GSMA Intelligence data, in [...]

The 5G Future Looks Bright2022-04-01T08:29:23-05:00

How to Ditch the Fear of Falling Behind and Never Miss a Tech Beat


So often it seems like the best and most magical experiences occur when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. When it comes to IT, however, there’s a science to making sure you’re always where you need to be and never missing a beat.  In our recent blog, we discussed the idea of IT FOMO. As most of us know it, FOMO is the fear of missing out on exciting experiences or fun memories and the camaraderie that comes with it. But in technology and business, FOMO brings with it a more dire edge. In a world evolving at breakneck speed with businesses all [...]

How to Ditch the Fear of Falling Behind and Never Miss a Tech Beat2022-03-01T15:53:15-06:00

Greg Elliott Joins EdgeIR for Fireside Chat


1623 Farnam VP looks ahead to an incredible 2022 Greg Elliott, vice president of business development for 1623 Farnam, recently joined host Jim Davis, editor of, for a Fireside Chat touching on 1623’s rapid growth, opportunities for enterprise customers, and the industry outlook for 2022. The conversation began with a quick overview of the 1623 Farnam facility in Omaha, Neb., and its Omaha IX internet exchange. If the three main rules of real estate are “location, location, location” the same could be said of the carrier neutral data center industry. Situated very near the geographic center of the continental United States, 1623 Farnam is like a digital crossroads for [...]

Greg Elliott Joins EdgeIR for Fireside Chat2022-02-08T11:31:38-06:00

IT FOMO: The Key to Not Missing Out on Innovation


The fear of missing out. As social beings, many of us know this feeling well. As social beings in the digital, ultra-connected age, this feeling often becomes more acute as life’s greatest moments and most exciting stories are paraded in front of our eyes constantly over social media and beyond. But what happens when a business gets a bad case of FOMO? In this day and age, when rapid innovation persists and the technologies that come from it seem to exist on a continuum that spans from ‘necessary’ to ‘disastrous if not adopted’, FOMO can be crippling. So many IT options exist, organizations can’t possibly incorporate them all. Every time [...]

IT FOMO: The Key to Not Missing Out on Innovation2022-02-01T16:11:49-06:00

Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference


Sustainability has been a hot button topic in the data center industry as of late, and for good reason. Data centers utilize a large amount of resources, including power and water, to carry out operations in the facility, and as a result can generate large amounts of emissions. As our communities and the world continue to generate mass amounts of data and connectivity demands only soar higher, we are likely  to  keep adding to these environmental impacts. So, how do we continue to grow without increasing emissions or depleting resources? Luckily, there are solutions we can take advantage of. It’s Cool, Man Cooling uses a lot of power, but it [...]

Going Green: Every Effort Makes a Difference2021-10-29T12:04:40-05:00

Better Together: Our Data Center Debut Was Better with You


In a fast-paced world of technology, the best data centers — and data center providers — are the ones that continually chase new horizons. Whether it’s staying ahead of market demands for robust connectivity, cloud solutions, high-quality colocation or edge initiatives, constant evolution is what keeps the IT world turning for businesses across the globe. 1623 Farnam has always been dedicated to keeping its tenants on that trajectory of steady growth, aligning with evolving requirements and empowering digital transformations. Recently, we accomplished something huge in service of our customers: a $40 million facility expansion. Still, the work didn’t feel complete until we had the chance to celebrate alongside our peers, [...]

Better Together: Our Data Center Debut Was Better with You2021-10-04T13:27:49-05:00

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges


By now, you’ve heard how a good multicloud strategy can help your business and address a plethora of IT challenges. But what about the challenges that come along with the deployment of multicloud itself? If you want to be sure that you are experiencing the full benefits of your multicloud strategy, make sure you’re prepared for these four common challenges. Low Costs, If You’re Strategic We’ve shared how implementing a multicloud strategy to support your IT infrastructure can help you lower your costs — but to do so, your strategy must be deployed strategically. Leveraging multiple clouds to support your various workloads can be less expensive than adding servers or [...]

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges2021-08-18T13:59:05-05:00

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Discusses the Edge Market


For some time now, edge data centers have created quite a bit of buzz within the data center industry. With the rise of loT, Smart Cities, and 5G deployment, many believe that edge data centers are the answer to effectively processing high volumes of data while still maintaining low latency. Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam was able to join a panel of data center and telecom experts to share his expertise on these topics during this month’s JSA Virtual Round Table. Moderated by Fedor Smith, the panel included Doug Recker, Founder & President, EdgePresence, Mark Thiele, CEO & Founder, Edgevana, Jason Bourg, Vice President of Sales, EdgeMicro, Krystyna Witt, [...]

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Discusses the Edge Market2021-07-30T13:33:34-05:00

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam


Our interconnected ecosystem is kicking it into overdrive with lots of growth this year. Be sure to tune in to our latest customer video where Todd Cushing welcomed Bruce Garrison, President and CEO of KsFiberNet (KFN). You can hear directly from Bruce as to the value this communications and infrastructure provider is bringing to the market, especially for the healthcare, finance, government, education and mobile sectors. Operating 4,000 fiber route miles network in Kansas, KFN recently expanded into adjacent markets, including an expansion into our 1623 Farnam data center. As Bruce noted, “not all data centers are created equally.” And...we couldn’t agree more! Bruce emphasized how important it is for [...]

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam2021-07-30T13:24:43-05:00
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