Despite data centers being vital parts of our digital landscape, it’s an unavoidable truth that these facilities can negatively impact our environment. Today, global demand for new applications and technologies is growing in tandem with worldwide climate concerns. This means that striking a balance between two seemingly opposing forces is a task our industry must undertake. Data centers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, their energy usage and greenhouse emissions must be reconciled with the pursuit of a greener future. This now means that sustainability must be part of every data center provider’s mission.

Making A Difference

At 1623 Farnam, we are committed to creating a more sustainable data center and minimizing our impact where possible. This is why we’ve incorporated hot aisle containment strategies to more efficiently control the ambient temperature in our data center. By more directly guiding hot exhaust to air conditioning returns, we’re able to more effectively cool our equipment. It also reduces our power consumption and our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, even as we develop our ecosystem as a whole, we seek to forge partnerships that drive collective sustainability. This includes our partner approach to fluid cooling: instead of creating our own chilled water plant, we’re working alongside a local existing plant to further reduce the power consumption in our expanded facility. As our community of partners, vendors and customers continues to grow, we hope to build even more positive change together.

In the pursuit of green practices, any and all steps are productive ones. Nevertheless, the data center sphere must continue to find ways to scale their sustainability measures alongside user requirements that are growing exponentially across the globe. This may seem like a daunting task, but 1623 Farnam believes the future is bright. New, exciting data center design and operation innovations are occurring every day — and we look forward to being part of this evolution toward a more eco-conscious and data-driven world.

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